Saturday, December 10, 2016

Corned Beef Rolls

Making bread is fun and the feel of the dough stretching to window pane stage is so therapeutic . Have fun drooling on these corned beef rolls for the time being.  I am off for a short break but will share the recipe when I am back :)

Have a great weekend !

Gibson SG

My son loves music and he plays the piano and guitar well . He started learning to play the guitar when he was a young boy of age 10.  Hardly can hold the guitar I can still remember :) He will just strum the guitar as if he knows how to .  Well , today he is a good guitarist and he keep changing guitars often. I know he is eyeing this Gibson SG for sometime now.  Well, I am in favor of him selling off his old one and get this Gibson SG after all Christmas is just around the corner . He should reward himself one since he will be joining his colleagues in music jamming during the weekends.

Gibson SG gives Smooth, efficient performance with a vintage vibe and I seriously think he has made a good choice.  A musician knows best though. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Special Tau Fu Fah @ Concubine Lane

There are many good Tau Fu Fah in Ipoh town and this is one of them.  This Tau Fu Fah comes with palm sugar syrup and has  brown sugar sprinkle on top  and garnished with  toasted black sesame seeds.  You can get a good bowl of Tau Fu Fah from Concubine Lane.  It is one of the attraction from Concubine Lane.  I never forget to stop by here for a good bowl of tau fu fah after a good lunch at Thean Chun Coffee Shop. Concubine Lane is just opposite Thean Chun Coffee Shop in Ipoh Old Town. It is crowded during weekends and school holidays .

this is the shop where you can get a good bowl of tau fu fah
with special garnishings

crowded during school holidays and weekends

Blunt Bangs Bob Cosplay Wig

Wigs are back in fashion.  When I was in my twenties, I used to change my hair style very often. At least once a month, I will visit my hair stylist and ask to have new hair style.  My hair used to be long and has natural curls.  I remembered asking my hair stylist to  style my hair like the one actress Jacklyn Smith, one of Charlie's Angel Girls is having:) So cool..right!  And my hair stylist will give me a kind of look as if to say " sorry lady, you don't have that much hair to have her hair style " LOL!
This beautiful Ombre Wig will do for now.  It looks simple and elegant. It will definitely make me look younger than my present hair style :p  Seriously, it is a good idea to wear convenient and one can look beautiful at any dinner function without having to make appointment with the hair stylist and most important, hair stylist may not be able to give you a good cut.
But now it is so different for me, the hair is thinning and turning grey too , thus wearing a wig would solve all the problems.  I can have any hair style I like.  Save trip to the hair stylist and I can have new hair style every day :) I decided to have a look at all the wigs and maybe I should get a few so that I can have cosmetic done for the hair.  Hair is  most important for the ladies.  Looking great  will uplift one's image.  I found a few great ones and that will make me look great :)   Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig is good for hot weather like ours.  I quite like this 10" Blunt Bangs Bob Cosplay wig, comes in black, dark brown and light brown. It is capless and synthetic and has a free style hairline . Love the dark brown and has a nice bob look.  I think with this look, I will look 15 years younger :p. Seriosuly !

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Simple Banana Cake - Revisited

Last month I baked a simple banana cake, recipe taken from Alan and it was so good that I had to make it again.  This time, I added sliced banana as topping and whoa, it was really good.  Hubby loves it so I had to bake again for his afternoon tea snack.  For me, I don't mind baking again as this will help improve my technique further as the saying goes " Practice Makes Perfect " :)  I love the light and fluffy texture and seriously one slice is not enough. We have to have at least 3 slices each for our tea snack.  Love the aroma of banana :)

this time I baked the banana cake with banana topping

see how light and fluffy the texture of cake is :)  yummz!

for the recipe please click 

Enjoy !

Krank Krankenstein Amp Head

Our friend Joe has always been impressed with krank amps Head and he is excited that they have come one with an upgraded one. Krank Krankenstein + is the upgraded version of the Krankenstein.  This amp is designed by the legendary Dimebag Darrell.  Joe , our musician friend explained that the upgraded Krankenstein + has bigger, upgraded transformers and 6550 tubes in th power section. This Krankenstein ampliflier is known for its high gain sound, is now taken to the next level, 120W of massive tone.  Wow...I am sure our friend Joe this thinking of getting this upgraded one for the coming Christmas. The "Dime"channel features a 3-band EQ, volume, 2 footswitchable masters ,gain and parametric sweep control while the " Kleen" channel features a 3-band EQ and volume. And the unique feature of this amplifier head is an overall volume control for the entire amp as well as a global presence control.  And further more it has another features which include an active effects loop, ohm and voltage selectors, line out and manual channel switch.

With this upgraded new features , I guess our friend Joe is tempted to get this new one for his band :)

Simple Wedding Dresses

My niece has ordered her beach wedding gown from this online shopping  website .  She managed to get one gorgeous one from cheap simple wedding dresses uk .. I had a glimpse of her wedding gown and I am impressed by her choice. They really offers beautiful and cheap wedding dresses.  Nowadays , with this trend of shopping online, it has made shopping for dresses so much easier and my cousin and niece are pleased with their purchases.  I remembered my wedding, I have to go to the bridal shop to have mine wedding dress tailored for me. Expensive and they dont have much designs for us.  Now with online shopping, they offers a wide range of beautiful and affordable wedding dresses.  I guess I have to check out their website for dresses to attend my niece's wedding this coming December :) one that is simple and apt for a beach wedding.  I am excited and I can't wait to pick one from their wide range of beautiful dresses for the wedding event !  The one below is so right for a bride :)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Heart Shaped Buns With Nut Toppings

The whole house is filled with the aroma of freshly baked is really aromatherapy for me and hubby.  Love love these buns and can't get tired of them.  Great for afternoon tea and breakfast .  I have a bottle of kumquat compote that I made last kumquat season ( that is about 10 mths ago ) Every season, I will surely make to keep for cake making, fillings for bun or on toast.  It adds flavor to my soft and fluffy buns. I used back the butter roll recipe for the buns , for I love the texture and easy to make dough.  I have walnuts and almonds in the fridge, so I added them as topping for the buns to give it extra texture :)   Homebaked buns are versatile. You can add anything you like and make bun making fun

some of the buns I filled them with homemade kumquat compote

I leave the dough to proof in the heart shaped silicone moulds
I have two trays of buns ready for baking :) love them to bits
sometimes I use the moulds for making jelly too :)

love the aroma of freshly baked buns....mmmmm

the nuts gave the bun the crunch and nutty flavor

hubby love the brown and crisps exterior

look how soft and fluffy the inside is :)
the almond strips topping is without filling

I love the kumquat compote filling and walnut topping
they blend well and every bite is so good !

Heart Shaped Buns With Nut Toppings

bun dough taken  from Sonia's Butter Bread Rolls

220g bread flour
30g cake flour
1/2 tsp + 1/4tsp instant yeast
1/2 tsp fine salt
20 g caster sugar
100g fresh milk (cold from fridge)
70 g water
20g unsalted butter, room temp

homemade kumquat compote - click here for the recipe


walnuts- chopped
almonds strips


Mix all ingredients except butter in a mixer, knead till smooth

Add in butter, continue knead till elastic and smooth. Cover and keep aside to rise till doubles.

Divide dough equally into 8 portions, roll into ball,  rest for 10 mins.

For buns with fillings

Take a dough, flatten into a round disc. Fill with a tsp of kumquat compote and wrap up into a ball. Repeat till dough is finish. Place in heart shaped moulds or muffin tin and  leave to proof for another 20 mins or till it double in size.

Brush top with kumquat compote and sprinke top with chopped walnuts and baked at preheated oven at 200C for 15 mins or till golden brown.

* for those buns without filling , just roll into a round ball and place in moulds and leave to proof for 20 mins or double in size , before baking, just brush kumquat compote or apriot jam if you dont have kumquat compote and sprinkle almonds strips as topping.