Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Delights To Wow You Soon ;)

Many of you will know me as Elin  of  Elinluv's Tidbits Corner  . Why start another blog ??   Well simply because I want to have a bigger space just for desserts - cakes ,  ice cream and sorbets and not to leave out the sweet and decadent pie and tarts.  Elinluv's Tidbits Corner will now only cater to meals that I cook for the family :)

This will be another playground where I will play around with baking ingredients and share my bakes with you.  Do drop by to drool and drop by for a virtual feast  :))  I have a few books on desserts and my better half was grumbling that I had too many and that he has not seen me making anything out of them other than just flipping through them and drooling over them , so from now on , I will try to make some nice treats out of those books above :p and share my baking experience with you .

Before I forget....I want to thank my family for being so supportive of me in starting another new blog. First person - my hubby who gave this new blog it's title. And the second person - Piggy Josh ( son ) for designing the header banner for me and  the third person  - my Piggy Joanna ( daughter ) for creating  the tagline for me.

And of course not to forget all of you sweet people who drop by and leaving me your sweets :))

Thank you for being so patient....will soon post up my first sweet :))


  1. A whole blog is the family business! They are so supportive! I guess you would return them with more sweets in future!

  2. Hi Angie...
    Thanks for taking a look here :) Yup they are very supportive in whatevery project I am in...but at times got to bribe them with some sweet delights :p

  3. I love how Piggy Gal have come up with the tagline, 'A delectable haven for dessert aficionados', just so chic and cool!