Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Carrot Cupcake

I have tried baking carrot cakes using different recipes and this is one very simple and yet delicious. The recipe uses butter and not oil. Some that I have tried are very oily but this particular one is not oily and yet moist and smell good.  As usual , I will reduce the sugar by 15 percent because I cannot stand carrot cake that is overly sweet for I know the cheese topping will be sweet too. The most important thing in a carrot cake is the frosting. It must be lemony and cheesy sweet !  Out of boredom and wanting to have some fun , I try making a few cuppies just for some cute shots for my blog. The rest I poured into a 10" square tin and baked in a preheated oven of 160 deg C for 40 minutes :)

I have been waiting to try this out since I bought the book - Baking Cookbook by Alan Ooi. This is the third recipe that I have tried out from the book.  The carrot cake looks so moist and looks so delectable in the cookbook that I could not resist it anymore. I had to try it out and yesterday night after being energized and recharged back by taking Steamed  Chicken With Angelica Roots ( Dong Guai ) I set to bake this delicious and yummy carrot cake. True enough it was good...I am sure Claire and Piggy Cuz would testifiy that for!   I had a slice for dessert and Daddy took 3 slices :) The rest of the cake , I cut into 3 portions and gave them to Claire, Kong and Piggy Cuz. * wink wink- my mission is to make them  rounded :p

before frosting with the cheese topping they looked plain
after dressing them up .....they looked gorgeous and delicious :)
see below and you will know what I mean :)

this is how to frost the cake as taught by Alan Ooi
I learned a trick or two from this book :)

decorate the topping with some grated lemon zest
and toasted walnuts

this is a beautiful , moist and aromatic carrot cake
a keeper no doubt !

Carrot Cake - adapted from Baking Cookbook by Alan Ooi
( printable recipe )

Ingredients: Cake

250 gm butter ( soften )
300 caster sugar  * I use 220 gm

1 tsp vanilla essence
5 eggs - grade B

340 gm super fine flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder * I use 1 tsp

150 gm walnut ( toasted, chopped)
350 gm  grated carrot

Ingredients : Cheese frosting

200 gm cream cheese ( soften )
100 gm butter ( soften )
80 gm icing sugar
1 tsp lemon juice * I add in  lemon zest for extra flavor


Cream (A) till thick and fluffy . Add in  (B) - one egg at a time till well incorporated into the butter mixture. Fold in ( C ) gently till well mixed and add in (D) into the flour batter till well mixed.

Pour batter onto a lined 10 inch round cake square/ round cake tin.

Bake in preheated oven at 160 C for 45 till 50 minutes till cake is cooked . Insert a skewer in the middle of cake and it is cooked if it comes out clean.

Remove to let cool.  Spread cheese frosting over top of cake. Decorate with marzipan or toasted walnuts.

To prepare the cheese frosting

Cream ingredients (E) till thick and fluffy and smooth.

Enjoy !

*          *         *

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  1. Carrot cake with a lemony cream cheese frosting, isn't it classic? You made them look so beautiful Elin. Thanks for the tips on piping the topping, can adapt this method for Swiss roll also!

  2. looks so soft and moist, I nvr try carrot cake b4, probably is time to bake one. thanks for sharing.

  3. lovely carrot cups and I agree, the icing needs to be lemony

  4. Carrot is a favourite in Canada. These are really nicely done. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. Hi Quinn, Jess, Drick and All Our Fingers in the Pie,

    Thanks for dropping me a line here :)

  6. Looks really moist and delicious. I too usually will cut down on sugar if I planned to ice a cake. Very nice!

  7. Thank Jeannie for dropping me a line here :)

  8. Wow! They look good Elin! You are making me crave carrot cake now! I too like it with a lemony topping but I usually just use lemon butter icing not with the cream cheese - maybe I will try your way next time. :0)