Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lavender Flavored Konnyaku Jelly

Konnyaku is made from the konnyaku potato with calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium extracted  from the eggshells , added to it and has lots of nutritious value in it. Konnyaku is a traditional Japanese jelly-like health food .  97 percent of Konnyaku is water and 3 percent is glucomannan or dietary fibre. Rich in minerals and very low in calories. It is extremely difficult for us to digest, so it goes through our body and sweeps our intestines and at the same time cleans toxins in the intestine. 

Konnyaku is a marvellous health food and it has recently been found that it normalises the level of cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure and normalises the level of sugar in the blood. Because of its goodness, it has been perceived as a excellent health food in Japan and is popular in many asian countries. It does have calories but the calories would be so few in the normal quantities that they are negligible in number.

I will not go into details or I will bore you to death.  Konnyaku is very versatile jelly. You can add in any fruits you like and it will come out just wonderful.  I decided to use dried lavender as flavor for this jelly and it turned out to be beautifully scented . I used the seashells pan a gift from  Gertrude of My Kitchen's Snippets , as jelly mould . The konnyaku jelly turned out so beautiful that I just don't want to eat it. Too beautiful to eat it LOL! I ate them all up just the to resist such a wonderful dessert !  Lavender Flavored Konnyaku Jelly.

a beautiful seashells pan...a gift from dear Gertrude :)

these lavender scented konnyaku is good for health

these konnyaku can helps controls blood pressure, lower the level
of cholesterol, control weight , stabilizes the sugar level in the blood
wow....this is a healthy jelly to indulge it...just think of the good points
and it is chewy..I love the texture of this jelly....

Lavender Flavored Konnyaku Jelly


1 pkt of 10 grams konyakku jelly powder (plain)
3/4 cup caster sugar
1000ml water
1 tsp of dried lavender


Boil 1000ml of water. When water boils add in the sugar and konnyaku jelly powder and keep stirring till all the powder has dissolved. Add in the dried lavender and boil for 7-8 minutes under low heat. Scoop into your jelly moulds and when the jelly has set , chill them in the fridge till it is ready for serving.

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  1. I really adore this chewy jelly, but alas found that it 'encourages' constipation as well. You are right, extremely hard to digest.
    Good idea to use that mould! Since I'm early bird, think I deserve at least one!

  2. I love Konnyaku Jelly, can eat many at one go, yum yum :P.

  3. Love the sea shells! Gotta get myself one too :) Thks for dropping by Luxury Indulgence!

  4. Cheah....yup it is chewy so it is hard to digest but it has lots of goodness in it :) too...I can eat non stop too..i love the chewiness of it :p is transparent in color likea crystal gem hahaha :) are welcome and you have a great blog :) Will be visiting often :)

  5. Elin, this mould is best for kuih bahulu! Hurry try it.
    Regards, Kristy

  6. Thankyou for the interesting information about konnyaku jelly - heard of it, never knew what is was! Not sure if available in UK? Love the seashell pan though!
    I have baking pan envy!

  7. We have a ton of lavender in our garden that we have to use... I'm trying to find some creative things to do with it and this just might be it (though I'm not sure if i'll be making it in the seashell/jelly fish pans).

    So glad I stopped here!

  8. Kristy...I have tried it out adi...very nice :)

    PL...lovely shells design...I love this pan very much :)

    A Thought For Food...thanks for dropping by. Wow..I envy you lavender in your garden...heavenly ! :)