Friday, June 4, 2010

Mandarin Layered Cake - By Jo

This cake was made by Jo for her friend's dad's birthday and I was indeed surprised that she wanted to bake  a cake when she was already so tired after all the packing for her UK trip. She told me that she wanted to make something special and delicious and which is not hard to make. I suggested she make this cake for it is not rich and is good for older people. Light and easy cake and full of mandarin sandwiched between two layers of sponge cake...with non-dairy whipped cream. Do not be alarmed by the whipped cream frosting for it is non-dairy!  Of course, under the tutelage of this dragon Momsie, she did a good job. For me, it is the best moment a mother and daughter could have and I could see she really enjoyed baking and decorating the cake. And I enjoyed teaching her for she really put her heart to making a near perfect cake for the friend's dad.  I told her anything made with love will surely turned out well :)

Making the cake is easy if you know how to bake a sponge cake . Cut them into two slices horizontally, sandwiched the mandarin slices  and then plastered with non-dairy whipped cream , repeat the same process with the other layer. Cover the top  and side with the remnant cream. Decorate with mandarin slices all round the cake as desired. Tada... a beautifully decorated cake that taste just as good as it looks :))  Jo went to bed at 2 am after everything was done . I became her kitchen slave and did all the washing up for her. I went to bed at 3am and I told myself  that I must give her a crash course on how to organize herself when baking a cake and the first rule is to do up the washing herself !!! 

for a first timer it is quite difficult to frost a cake evenly...but....

and I believe that practice makes perfect is so true
and I took the opportunity to tell Jo that :)

the finished cake...this is considered well done 
for a first timer in frosting a cake :p

I believe that one day she will be able to frost one
that will look more professional.....

Mandarin Layered Cake
sponge cake  - click here for the sponge cake recipe   - cut into two slices horizontally

500 gm non-dairy whipped cream - whipped at high speed till stiff ( do not over whip it )
2 cans of mandarin slices - drain off the syrup

Assemble the cake :

Cut the sponge cake into 2 equal slices horizonally . Place the 1st layer of sponge on a cake base . Apply some whipped cream on the surface of the 1st layer evenly , then place mandarin slices on the whole surface of the cream, then apply another layer of whipped cream on the mandarin slices, then place the second layer of sponge on top. Repeat the same process. Frost the top and side with the remnant of the whipped cake. Frost it evenly, arrange the remnant of mandarin slices on the top of the frosted cake as desired. Leave it in the fridge till it is time to serve. 

* Thanks Jo for allowing me to post this up :))

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  1. This is something I haven't had for a long while...
    Jo, enjoy your stay in UK and try not to miss home and your mom's cooking too much!

  2. Beautiful post. Wonderful job with this great cake.


  3. Good job, Jo! This is something great to start with. Enjoy mopping up the cream? hehe.... Have a safe trip! All the best. Your mommy going to miss you dearly.
    Regards, Kristy

  4. You can do what I did on my Saeng Cake, put lots of diced strawberries all over the sides. No will notice the uneven cream! LOL!

  5. You will definitely miss Jo dearly. Gotta love the baking session isn't it? Good mother and daughter bonding time.

  6. Angie..thanks and she won't miss my cooking..juz have to come here and drool :p

    Lazaro...thanks :)

    Kristy...Yup..going to miss Jo a lot :)

    Tamar...great idea...thanks :) baking together...lots of fun :)

  7. looks beautiful. baking is such a great way to spend time together. my mom and i are doing a small farmer's market this year with pastries, and it really is a nice way to spend time together and make some memories. the cake looks great.

  8. What a beautiful cake and such a beautiful blog!
    This layered cake is simply beautiful. I am so happy I found your site. Will be visiting again and again...!

  9. Good job Jo and have a safe trip to UK!
    I agree anything that made with love would turn out well! :)

    Beautiful cake!

  10. Cocina...thanks..yup what better way to spend time together and build up a strong mother and daughter relationship by baking together :) Wish you all the best in with your project together with your mom :)

    Catherine....oh thank you so much for your kind words. I am so motivated by it and shall do my best to make this place a baker's paradise :)

    Tanantha....on behalf of Jo, I would like to thank you for your best wishes and yup with love things will turn out especially well :))

  11. The frosting looks refreshing! Nice paring with the fruit.