Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Durian - King Fruit of Malaysia

This is the family all time favourite local fruit - the King fruit of Malaysia ...yessss durians. It just started two weeks ago for the State of Perak. As usual Daddy would buy from his regular man. I had a good time over eating them and whoa...fell sick shortly but now have recovered. Not to blame this fruit entirely..so happened I picked up this flu virus from someone in the office. Anyway, I am fully recovered and I blogging again right now.  Will be buying more of this fruit this weekend coz my Piggy Josh is coming back....so I will be baking something out of this fruit....be patience , I saw many bloggers have already posted up bakes with durians :) , mine will be coming soon ( actually I still haven't decided what to do with it :p )

sexy .....and yet delicious so no man could resist :p

if this is the forbidden fruit, then Adam will not touch it then.......
too thorny for him I guess...

but this Momsie could not resist it ...that is for sure :p

thick creamy flesh and so sweet.......
for the time being it is forbidden fruit for me for the time being
till saturday comes......lol!

What I did with the druians last year

Durian Layered Cake

Do read this Bewitched and
see if you will be bewitched!!

*         *        *

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  1. They taste as good as they stink! ;-)

  2. Elin, why are tempting me with durian? I miss them so much and seeing your pictures making me crave for it even more :(

  3. good thing i still have a tub in my fridge.. phew!!! just ate 2 seeds a moment ago.. now waiting for durian cake.. next week, right? :)

  4. durians look so intriguing.....I would love to try one, I just can't imagine out how that fruit might taste.

  5. Angie....we Malaysian loves this fruit. I agree the burp that comes out STINK ! lol!
    I can't stand it too :p

    Gertrude...ohhh sorry about that heehee...just drool for the time being till you come back next trip. Try to come back during the season la :)

    Claire...haha I forgot you are durian Queen !

    Chef Dennis... oh u must try this at least once in your life. Be adventurous like me LOL! the taste is good ...creamy, sweet and has the best fragrance ever...seriously but of course , we grew up with it so we love the smell of durian. I agree the burp that comes out STINKS !

  6. Yeah, you're right. .. durian is everywhere in Asia!

  7. Laura..It is the durian season now :)