Saturday, July 17, 2010

Piggy Shaped Birthday Candles :P

The other Piggy Cuz came dropping by my place and gave me a box . I was blur...but she was so excited and asked me from  inside the car , whether I liked what I saw. I was at the gate in my pyjamas getting ready for bed and I just took it from her and said  " I like it ... so cute " ..did not really register it was 2 cute piggy shaped birthday candles....yo..that was really cute of her to buy  me  piggy shaped stuff  for the kitchen use....plates with piggy face and cutting board with piggy shapeand now birthday candles in the shape of a piggy :p

so cute these piggy shaped them to bits

A big thanks to Piggy Cuz once again for these cuties :)

I love them to bits...but I am running out of place ...have to find a bigger pantry area for my props and stuffs. Time to do some spring cleaning too. My two fridges are full of cooking stuff and I have to check them out and have to use up those that are going to expire on me soon :p

Hope to have more baking done this weekend :)  Now durians season...:p
you can guess what I am going to bake this time....* wink
Stay tuned !

*         *         *

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  1. The base of the candles are a bit hard to stick onto cakes cos the candle's a bit too heavy for the short fat stubs. I used a hot needle to poke thru the stubs and stuck in bamboo toothpicks to act like stilts, a lot steadier when put onto cakes.

    hmm.. what will you be making with durian? Oh, can't wait to see.

  2. Elin, durian season almost over! And you still have durians! haha.... Never ever buy durians by the end of the season or during rainy season cause you will never get good & tasty fruit.
    Regards, Kristy

  3. Those are so cute! I want to get those.

  4. Hi guys..sorry for the late reply...not been well the last few I am fully recovered :)

    Jess...yess the candles are so cute :)

    Wendy...hi thanks for dropping by and thanks for the tips on how to use them on the cake :) Great idea ! Thanks :)

    Kristy...durians season for Perak just started LOL! thanks for the info and will take note of that too have a great day :)

    Rick....they are cute..aren't they...LOL!