Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Seashell Shaped Mango Flavored Konnyaku

Konnyaku jelly is good for health and I have been eating this very often lately  :p chewy and yet can be quite addictive if you do not when to stop and it can quite filling. I bought a packet of konnyaku jelly powder with mango flavor and has a natural mango flavor. I adore the seashell pan that Gertrude gave me and I once again make this jelly with the pan.  Whoa, they turned out like little nuggets of gold....in seashell shaped :) So beautiful that I just don't want to eat them but yet so seductive that I can't resist them :) I gave some to Claire my good friend so that she stays awake while working.....ahem...these chewy nuggets of gold  will keep her awake with their chewy texture LOL!

I did a similar one - konnyaku jelly in seashell shaped but with lavendar flavor...I heart this seashell shaped  pan. Can be used for little sponge cake and their shape will delights the young and the old. Great to serve this konnyaku jelly as dessert when you have guest over for dinner. You can add fresh fruits to the plain konnyaku jelly too. I added some mango slices to the konnyaku and it turns out great. Those I kept for Daddy for he specifically requested that he wants fresh mango in his jelly...mmmm he can be demanding at times :p  For those ready packed with flavor, they comes in a few fruits flavor- strawberry, honeydew melon , mango and mixed fruits flavor . They have plain ones too and you can add any fresh fruits puree to it and it will turn out just as great as those ready packed ones.  Very versatile and caters to one's taste and likes :)

see,  how beautiful they look ..... a treasure of gold jelly :))

this one has fresh mango slices in them...at the request of Daddy

I love this ....so beautiful but I ate it just the same :p

Gorgeous looking little nuggets of goldness....just the same I ate them all in one go :))

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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  1. I love Konnyaku jelly and the color is so pretty!

  2. Look like you put the pan to good used. So far I only used it once and that was it. By the way it is difficult to remove the jelly from the pan once it harden?

  3. You really put the baking pan to good used. So far I only used it once. By the way do you have problem removing the jelly from the pan once it harden?

  4. Hi Gertrude....thank you so much for the pan. Love it very much. No problem taking them out coz konnyaku is chewy and harder in texture compared with the rest. I have not tried with agar agar yet but will try it out and let you know.