Monday, August 30, 2010

Heart Shaped Honey Melon Konnyaku

If this doesn't melt his heart...I really don't know what will !  I made this for Daddy....a small token for all he has done for me especially endured all those one dish meal I cooked for him  :p   I served this together with his breakfast yesterday. I meant to spring a surprise on him but it didnt work  :(  he just ate without saying anything...not romantic at all ...hmpf wait , I am going on strike soon ...hang up my apron !  :)  just kidding....he loves them.  Truly a labor of love....first have to use a cookie cutter to cut out the heart shape, place them at the bottom of the heart shaped jelly mold , then cook the konnyaku...with lots of patient.   End result - a labor of love and patience all in one heart shaped konnyaku :))

I chose the honey melon flavored konnyaku
knowing he loves honey melon * wink and so that  I can
use honey melon for the hearts in the jellies.....see
creative or not ?

this how it is done.....easy , though it takes a lot of patience
I am actually having fun doing all this back in the kinder years
plasticine and all.....but not kids play with play dough :)

placed the melon hearts at the bottom of each heart mold

pour the konnyaku mixture into the brim of the jelly mold
see the bubbles ?  forgot to remove it :(

turned in over when set and see such a beautiful contrast of colors
I love this greenish jelly and the yellowish
heart shaped  melon  really stood out

taste good too ...chewy and with the fragrant of honey melon...mmmm

Konnyaku jellies are good for health...lots of fibre

Enjoy !  

*          *         *


  1. Elin, the jelly is so lovely, full of love that I can even see it from far far away :p, you are really such a dearly wife. I am sure your husband appreciated all your effort but just dun say out loud, sometimes men are just like tat...

  2. ya, konnyaku jellies are yummy!

  3. I bet your hubby must be really touch when you present him with these lovely jellies. I will for sure :)

  4. Aww.. these are cute ! and so much work ...

  5. Jess...:) I love it cute that I just don't want to eat it :p yup they are not observant and sensitive at times :p

    wenn...haha kids love them and I love them too despite my age. Must have them more often before I lost all my teeth and can't chew on them :p

    Gertrude....yup he does . Just that he is not the expressive type and when it comes to food he will take it for granted :)

    Bee with Style....:) they do look beautiful...ain't they :)

    Joanna....haha hope your dad appreciate them :)

  6. Wow, so romantic! Like this chewy konnyaku jelly!

  7. owww....they look sooo adorable!!!!jusst loved it!!! I can't remember how I came across your blog, but feel lucky to drop by :)gr8 page u got