Monday, September 20, 2010

Peach & Blueberry Cake

I know I have been drooling and drooling at Piggy's blog - Piggy Cooking Journal for the past year and have listed down a few of her bakes to try out and have added them to my to do list. And now finally, I managed to find the time to bake this one out and was one delicious and delectable cake that I am sure you will want to try it out yourself. I picked up some USA peaches and blueberries from  Jusco  and tada... this is the outcome ! I used peaches instead of nectarine .  A wonderful and tasty peach and blueberry cake.....recipe stolen from Piggy's blog. We are fated to love the same recipe :p  Thank you, Piggy for sharing this delectable goodness. Read on for the recipe :)  You can guess who are the lucky persons to get to eat this delectable cake.....yessss.....they are....

Piggy Cuz and Claire :)) and of course the main person is Joshua. He loves all my bakes and I am most happy to bake for him since he is back for 2 weeks. I gonna miss him when he goes back to KL start  his 2nd semester (3 year ) He has another year before he goes to UK...under the same programme like the sister :) After which I will be free to travel myself and I hope to stay fit so that I can put on my travelling shoes on :)  We can plan but God determine after all :)   Sorry I digress but back to this great are some pictures to seduce you to try it out yourself :)

fresh peaches & blueberries

round shaped one for Claire

rectangle ones for Joshua and Piggy Cuz

look how delish they are....moist and light with a tangy taste from
the sour sweet blueberries and peaches

Claire ...hope you like the taste of this cake :p

great for afternoon tea with a cup of  Turkish apple tea

Joshua can eat the whole cake all by himself.... he loves
the taste and the moist texture of this cake

hope this will be seductive enough to make you
want to try making it yourself :p

Nectarine and Blueberry Cake Recipe - ( adapated from Piggy's Blog )

Recipe adapted from 手のひらサイズのベイクドケーキ

* I substituted Nectarine with Peaches


72g butter, at room temperature
50g castor sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
72g self-raising flour
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon yogurt
1/2 nectarine, cut into slices
20 blueberries


1) Preheat oven to 170 deg C. Grease a 18cm loaf pan, and then line with baking paper.

2) In a medium bowl, whip butter and sugar with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy. Beat the egg into the batter, follow by vanilla extract. Mix until just combine.

3) Mix in yogurt, follow by flour and baking powder. Mix until the flour just disappear from the batter.

4) Scrape the batter into the pan. Arrange nectarine slices and blueberries on the batter.

5) Bake in the pre-heated oven for 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the center of the cake turns out clean. Remove from oven, let the cakes cool on wire rack, serve.

Enjoy !

*           *          * 

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  1. Elin, this looks similar as the fruits pastry cake, delicious!

  2. I like how you baked it in separate pans. I haven't seen anyone else do that yet. :) Looks yummy and cute.

  3. The cake was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!! I could not stopping eating it --- munch munch munch and before you know it, all was gone! Thank you for sharing with me!

    Piggy Cuz

  4. Oh yes!!!
    I bookmarked the same recipe too!!!
    I guess I shouldn't delay this much too longer cos I have nectarines and blueberries in the fridge right now.

  5. wow, amazing! I hvn't tasted this kind of cake before..yummy!

  6. Wow, very mouthwatering indeed! Great clicks too!

  7. Wah! Its looks soooo delicious! For sure i would try to make this cake one day.

  8. I love your little round cakes, lovely! Glad that you like the recipe. :-D

    Thanks for your concern about typhoon in Taiwan, Elin! Taipei is not affected at all but south of TW is badly hit by the flood.

    Btw, didn't know that you have another blog, will add this link to my list of must-read blogs. :-)

  9. Jess... oh,is it the same ?

    x3baking...hehehe yup it is kind of fun to look at them ...small and cute..good for gifts :)

    Piggy are welcome :) hope you really love it :p

    Wendy..oh you must try it out...I fell in love with it when I saw it in Piggy's blog :) time when we meet up, I will try to bake one for you :)

    Cheah...yup it is delicious !

    Hellowaikitt...ya you must try it to know how great this cake is :)

    Piggy...thanks for sharing the recipe with me :) Always love your blog. Glad that the typhoon did not hit Taipei :) so internet is still functional there :p I love your blog and always look forward to trying out all your bakes :)

    Haha ya I started this blog for all my bakes and thanks for adding me to your must read blogs :)))

  10. Yes as Jess says, looks & sounds V similar to fruit pastry cake. Love the way it can be changed to what fruit is in fridge, is quick & easy, looks good, tastes great! I made a large one of these last week to take into my workplace to say Hello & so they could meet Baby Minh!

  11. thanks for the beautiful cake.. may i borrow a picture or two? :)