Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lemon Yoghurt Cupcake With Lemon Curd Frosting

I always look forward to Saturdays and when Friday comes I will be very happy and planning what to cook and what I want to long as I am not distracted by dramas and movies that is, then Daddy will get to savor some delectable dessert.  I woke up early and whipped up this wonderful refreshing lemon yoghurt cupcakes with lemon curd frosting....heavenly delectable and I tell you was worth getting up early ! I wanted to get it ready in time for delivery to Claire and my Piggy Cousin ( Piggy Cuz ) on my way out for a good breakfast with Daddy.  I wanted to surprise them by delivery something nice at their doorsteps early morning with some nice freshly baked cuppies for their breakfast :)

I stole this lemon yoghurt cake recipe from Jess of Bakericious  :) with the "I came, I stole ,  I bake " policy - thanks Jess for this wonderful simple yet delicious cake.  I stole the lemon curd frosting from  Joy of Baking . Stolen goods taste better as the saying goes :p   I have a lot of lemon in the fridge that is going to dry up soon so after seeing this recipe on Jess's blog , I knew I had to try it out as soon as I can so that the lemons will not go into the dustbin :)  This is a beautiful and refreshing cuppies that can be given as gifts to friends and loved ones .  Great cuppies... I love it and will definitely bake these lemony cuppies again ! Thank you Jess for sharing this recipe :)

to make the lemon curd frosting,
continue whisking the egg & lemon mixture
 over a hot simmering water

fun time begins ...I am not good in frosting
but this is the simpliest form of frosting :)
it makes me happy though....knowing these
cuppies will cheer someone up and 
make their day with these delectable
lemony goodness :

Below are photos for you to drool and be inspired to bake them yourselves :)  But please don't sue me if you salivates all over your keyboard !!! LOL! 

One word...HEAVENLY......this one mouthful makes my day and start the day off deliriously  HAPPY !

Recipe for Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Have a great Sunday ..... I had a wonderful lunch prepared by the Wild Boar :)

*        *        *

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  1. oooohhhh... hope my sons dont see this.. hahaha.. i have already walloped two of those.. now only worrying about my calories inside!! but then they are worth every pound gained! thanks to my Elinluv!

  2. Your friends are so lucky to get to eat this. Wish I can be your neighbor too :)

  3. I believe this is heavenly! Looks so moist.

  4. They look SOOOOO good - now it's MY turn to salivate & droool over your pictures! lol!
    Can you come and be my neighbour?

  5. My taste buds are watering just looking at your photos! I can already taste the sweet tartness of the lemon curd icing, and the cake looks so moist:)

  6. Elin, thank you for trying out the recipe and glad that you like it :). Your cupcakes definitely looks so much better than mine.

  7. Your cupcakes looks so moist,how i wish i am staying next door to you too!

  8. Lovely frosting, like the cute little cups out there.

  9. Claire....good if you like it more :)

    Gertrude...I wish that too so that I can take a few of your buns and cakes for my breakfast...hahaha then I will be the lucky one :)

    Belinda ...:) yes sweet tangy and moist..mmmm this is a great recipe

    Wenn....:) learning to be good

    Plum Leaf....I want to be your neighbor so that I can reach out for your char siew pao and at the same time get to hug your cute Minh :)

    Sprinkled With Flour...yess..I can still taste the sweet tangy lemony frosting in my mind..yummm

    Jess....thank you so much for this great recipe :) I love this lemon cake and will bake again as gifts for friends :)

    Wai Kitt...:) thanks for dropping by, do try this cake out , it will not be disappointed :)

    Sanjeeta ...thanks for dropping by :) I love those polka dots too :)

  10. I love any treat with lemon! These cupcakes look amazing.

  11. love the glossy lemony frosting. Very nice cupcakes.

  12. I just bought lemons yesterday and still sitting in my fridge. Will know what to do with it now ;D

  13. love lemon curd and these are so moist looking - makes me want to wake up early too!!!

  14. I love those little cups!! lemon yogurt cake sounds delicious, and that wonderful lemon curd is the perfect frosting...I just wish I had one!

  15. That looks soo delicious! I love the soft frosting especially, it looks so delectable.

  16. That looks just perfect. Moist and lemony.Yum:)