Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baked French Toast With Banana And Chocolate

I saw this breakfast treat from Angie Tee's blog - Seasalt With Food and I knew I had to try it out..being a banana and chocolate person and a person who loves french toast...thus this was served as our dessert instead of breakfast....I told the Piggy and Wild Boar... "we shall have a light dinner tonight coz I am going to make you guys something great for dessert " and I whipped this out in just half an hour. Of course , I let our stomach rest for two hour before I baked this for our dessert !

Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Soy Milk Custard / Tau Fu Fa

This is homemade soy custard/tau fu fa...a wonderful dessert for the young and old. This should have been made with homemade soy milk but I was too lazy to make them so for this once, I bought the ready ones from the stall. This is also my second attempt with the first one a failure until my church friend told me to pour the soy milk in gushing motion from a height of 2 feet down into another pot of GDL mixture.....this time I did it correctly and got a nice smooth soy custard or in cantonese , we called it tau fu fa in just 30 minutes :)  It was a wonderful experience for me ...being able to make my own soy milk custard/tau fu fa from home :p

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smoked Salmon And Dill Tarts

I love salmon..whether smoked, grilled, pan seared or raw...you name it and I am for it :) and after having drooled and salivated at  those delectable goodness at Zurin's blog - Cherry On A Cake , I knew I had to baked it myself to stop the salivating :p and thus I told Jo, I will bake this for us !  She is also a tart and salmon person :p  When I showed her these tarts on Zurin's blog...she went " yeah!! sluuuurp sluuuuurp "