Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Soy Milk Custard / Tau Fu Fa

This is homemade soy custard/tau fu fa...a wonderful dessert for the young and old. This should have been made with homemade soy milk but I was too lazy to make them so for this once, I bought the ready ones from the stall. This is also my second attempt with the first one a failure until my church friend told me to pour the soy milk in gushing motion from a height of 2 feet down into another pot of GDL mixture.....this time I did it correctly and got a nice smooth soy custard or in cantonese , we called it tau fu fa in just 30 minutes :)  It was a wonderful experience for me ...being able to make my own soy milk custard/tau fu fa from home :p

I got this recipe from my church friend Vivien Foo. She used to bring this for our bible study class and I asked her to teach me how to make this soy custard for my Piggies love eating them. And she taught me how to make them . Thanks Vivien... next time it will be my turn to bring for the bible study class then :p  It is so simple to make them and Piggy Jo said this " whoa..this is as good as those bought from the tau fu fah man  "

I need to make my own soy milk to get a more concentrated soymilk , the next time I make this dessert. If you want a fair and good complexion take this more often...soymilk is good for the skin :))) . As far as I know some still use gypsum powder ( koe fun ) , which is not good for health  , to make soy custard but with the discovery of GDL   (I bought the one  from Japan ) which is not harmful to health thus  I can now make this more often.  Viven, thank you for the recipe and the tips on how to make them perfect :)  You can get this GDL powder from any baking store. I bought mine from Wah Seng , Cockman Street , Ipoh.

30 minutes is all it needs to set the soymilk after adding the GDL & cornstarch mixture

remove the top layer of bubbles before serving with sugar syrup..
Piggy  Jo can't believe it has set
so I use a dessert spoon to prove to her
that it has set properly :p

serve it chilled with ginger sugar syrup


silky smooth.. homemade soy custard ......yummy

Homemade Soy Milk Custard/ Tau Fu Fa  -  (Vivien Foo 's recipe)

5 1/2 cups of boiling fresh soy milk 

1 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp GDL
1/4 cup cold water

Ginger Sugar Syrup
6 Tbsp sugar
1 cup water
1 piece of old ginger - thumb size - crushed

Boil under medium hear until sugar is dissolved.


1. In a small cup, mix together ingredients (B).

2. Pour the boiling hot soy milk in a gushing motion at 2 ft above the pot with GDL mixture.

3. Give the mixture a quick stir and cover with a cloth before putting the pot lid on. Leave for 30 minutes.
4. Remove the layer of bubbles on top of the set soy milk custard . To serve, scoop out in thin layers to a bowl. Add ginger sugar syrup according to taste. Serve chilled or hot .

*        *        *
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  1. heard it's pretty hard to make. So far I have never attempt it.

    Btw, I have moved to
    Thank you very much for following me in my old blog. Hope to see you in my new blog too. Have added you in the blogroll

    have a nice day :D

  2. I heard of this GLD and I have to get some when I go back home. I love tofu far but never try making it before because of the gypsum. GLD sounds like a better alternative.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Elin:) I just came across GDL in WahSeng today and was wondering what is it for. Hehe, I will be trying this recipe very soon!

  4. Finally, you started making something! Must practise first. Next time make for your grand piggies. haha.... Have a nice evening!
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s So, how was Claire's party?

  5. Kathy...I have sent the parcel to you just this evening after Wednesday you should receive it :) No this soymilk is easy to make...just follow the instruction...much healthier to make ourselves than buying those with gypsum in it. Practice makes perfect. Will take note of your new blog :)

    Gertrude....yes you must take home with you this GDL and this is easy to make. Yup, this is much healthier than those with gypsum powder in it :) are welcome :) Wish you success in making them :)

    Kristy...I won't think that is to serve my own Piggies first :p I am leaving them this Piggies will feed their own Piggies :p yup practice makes perfect :) Not yet, I thought I told you her birthday is on 24th November !

  6. Been wanting to make this for a long time now but didn't fancy using gypsum. Now that I know of this GDL thingy, YAY! Love this with gula melaka.

  7. Children never lie,so your ones really looks as good as the tau fu fah man.

  8. Ping...yup, thank God we have this GDL or me too will not want to make them :)

    Wai Kitt....thanks , it is as good as the tau fu fa man :p

  9. hey madam, you make it sound so easy. If i were to make this tau foo fah, i think i will also buy the soy milk from the store first and try. This is really good no more 'funny mountain'tau foo fah, huh?

  10. Lena...the most important factor in making this is...pour in gushing motion from a height of at least 2 ft . It is easy....after that no more ' funny mountain tau fu fa ' and I feel really bad about this :p you know what I mean ?

  11. This little piggy would love to try some of your soy custard! I can understand wanting to make your own soy milk, I just wouldn't know where to begin! I'm sure it would be even more delicious with your own soy milk!
    Piggy Dennis

  12. Chef Dennis, is so good to see Chef Piggy here again. Yup it is great if we can make our own soy milk but it entails lots of work :( so for the time being buy those ready made one will do :p

  13. The custard really looks delicious. I never realized that you can make your own soy milk. I always purchase it. Now you've made me feel like a slackard :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  14. I love hot tau fu fa..very delicious :)

  15. I have never made cream from soy. It looks wonderful. First time at your lovely blog.

  16. Wow~ I don't think I've ever tried it! What a great use of soy milk!

  17. arhhh!!! how much I miss tau foo fahhhh.. I'm dying for it... I SO have to make this! It looks so good.

    The tau foo fah I had in aussie are more to taiwanese kind, where they put in red bean and green tea... Different but nice.
    Yet I still miss our original palm sugar ones :))

  18. Looks good! I've not heard of GDL and not sure if it's obtainable here in UK.
    My late MIL (I was not fortunate enough to meet her) used to make her own Tau-Fu as Mr Leaf tells me and he's been promising to make my mum some. (Since we I met him about 6yrs ago!) I've bought soy beans and gypsum powder so no excuses - but still no tau fu! My mum thinks she has more chance of her GRANDSON making tau fu rather than my husband!

  19. hi..may i know where to buy d gdl??

  20. Hi Elinluv,

    This is interesting but there is a much faster way to make silken dofu. Mix the coagulant with a little water until it is completely dissolved, stir the liquid into COLD soymilk--very important that it is cold--steam for 5-10 minutes until set to desired firmness. I learned this after many trials with the hot milk method. This way is foolproof and the results are superior.

  21. hi ..thank you a new way of making toufu. Why my toufufa set like vomited milk(corase texture). I no use cornstarch,no pour at height 2ft. Can i soak the bean more than8 hrs.looking forward your reply.thks..God blessed U.

  22. Laral...thanks for sharing another quick method of making this soymilk delicacy :)

    Joanna Pang.....first you must use cornstarch and you must pour from a ht of 2 ft. The cornstarch gives it a smooth texture. Try my method and see , I am sure you will get it right :) It should not set as vomitted milk. You must use GDL too ..did you?

  23. Hi,

    My toufufa looks like vomited milk and i did use cornstarch, GDL and pour from height of 2 ft. It's due to my mistake of putting 1.7ml milk in the pot pouring together with the GDL mixture. Arrgghhh...!!

    I would like to share my silly mistake so others will learnt.

    5 1/2 cups = 1375 ml am I rite...

    Keep sharing and coming up with good recipes because "Sharing is Caring" :-)

  24. Hi Elin, I just tried your recipe - the first time it didn't set coz I suspect my soy milk was too watery so I added another tap of GDL and stir it into the pot and heat it up to just before boiling point then put into the thermal pot for another hour. This time it set beautifully. So I am wondering what is the rational of pouring the milk over a high height? Since my second time I could just add into the hot milk, do you think it would work to just stir the coagulant into the hot milk in the first place?

    1. Hi Esther....if yours work after adding more GDL, then you just continue your method and the amount of HDL used since yours set beautifully. The first time I did I did not pour at a height, thus it did set beautifully. Then the second time, I made sure I pour at a foot height, it set. I dont know the rational behind it. Let me check it out for you and come back to you. :)