Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chocolate Mud Cake With Ganache Frosting

I find baking cakes and making bread truly therapeutic .  A therapy that brings joy to me and de-stress me best . I know I sucks when it comes to frosting and decorating a cake but nonetheless I will try to do the best I could to make the cake look good and for example this chocolate mud cake.... I topped it with ganache and decorate it with fresh cherries.  This cake was made with passion...lots of love and it was our Christmas gift to Chris's parents . ( Chris is Jo's bunny  ) They love chocolate cake so I searched online for a good one and I found one and tweaks it to their liking.  Less sweet and moist would be ideal for them :)  This is my first time making a chocolate mud cake and guess what...the feedback was good and it did manage to make my  'coconut ' swelled  for a moment LOL ! Well...we need praises once in a while to moot us to improve our baking skill  ...don't we ? :p

I am actually looking forward to a spanking new year with loads to bake and a year to banish worry, doubt and fear . To love, laugh and GIVE !!!!

I was lucky to see some fresh cherries on sale at Jusco during the holidays and bought a pack back for decorating this cake. The cherries were sweet....I taxed one and savored it just to make sure the cherries were not sour and thank God it was sweet.  Perfect for the chocolate mud cake . The cake was moist and aromatic with the fresh instant coffee and Bailey's .  No wonder Chris's parents were full of praises for it ...a medal for my ego :p  For me , homebaked cakes are priceless gifts....:)))

look at those sinfully rich ganache .....awwww wish I could
sink my teeth into them...mmmmmmm so virtual feasting 
till I make again for myself :p

okay..okay...I know the frosting and decorating sucks
but to the not professional baker,  I mean Chris's parents  
they would have thought I am artistic....LOL!

Chocolate Mud Cake


6oz of hot water + 2 tbsp of expresso instant coffee powder + 2 tbsp of Bailey's
8oz dark chocolate
1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco
1 tbsp corn oil

8ozs chilled  butter
1oz brown sugar
5 A yolks
4 ozs heavy cream


5 ozs self raising flour
3 ozs plain flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda
1/2 tsp double action baking powder
1 oz cocoa powder

4 A whites
1/4 tsp cream tartar
1/2 tbsp brown sugar

Method :

1. Melt (A) over double boiler - cool it
2. Beat (B) until white and fluffy
3. Add (A) into (B) while the mixer is still beating
4. Add ( C) into above mixture in 3 batches
5. Whisk (D) until stiff and glossy
6. Gently fold (D) into A,B,C mixture until well combined
7. Pour mixture into a greased cake pan and bake in moderate oven for 50 mins.
8. Cool cake in cake pan before turning out.
9. When cake is cooled. Pour ganache on top and decorate with fresh cherries. Chill cake before eating


300 gms dark chocolate
100 ml heavy cream
50 gms butter

Melt the  chocolate and cream in a double boiler. Add in the butter and stir till well combined. Cool mixture before frosting the cake.

Enjoy and have a great day !

*         *         *

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  1. elin, your cake decorating skills are definately better than mine, this is so beautiful and also romantic lah..with the cherries.the ganache also looks very smooth..my ganache always turn out to be not the way i wanted..less experience i think.

  2. The cherries at Jusco from Oz? I haven't tried buying them, though. Just saw large, plump Korean strawberries there last night.

    Your in-laws are lucky to have you as in-law, too! LOL! Nice cake! I love anything deadly chocolaty!

    Happy 2011 again!

  3. Mudcake with ganache???? How could this be anything except wonderful? It looks beautiful...no wonder you were praised!

  4. It's the prettiest mud cake I've ever seen. I don't even want to touch it! But I would.

  5. Oh my ... ganache frosting??? Wooohooo that's amazing!

  6. Lena....haha practice makes perfect...mine still needs improvement and I believe I will be able to make it nicer the next time :p

    Pei-Lin....the cherries are from USA and I bought from Jusco RM13.50 per box of 350gms. Very sweet :) Happy 2011 to you too and wish you all the best in your work this year too ! Promotions etc !

    Lizzy...thanks :)

    Belinda.....thanks for your kind words :)

    Diethood.com...thanks :)

  7. wow..fascinating and scrumptious!

  8. Last month when I bought those Aussie cherries, they were tart. I guess the ones now could be sweeter.

    U do deserve the praises, take them in!

  9. Wenn...hahaha :)) so you drool now...if you are good I may make one for you :p

    Wendy...those I bought are from US and I thought they were tart too but surprisingly it was sweet so worth the money paid for them :)
    haha that's is why you can see the 'coconut' swelling ...a good start for 2011 :)

  10. Lovely cake. I especially like to see the last whole full picture of the cake, really looks great! Agreed with you that homemade cake is a priceless gift.

  11. OMG! it looks extremely SINFUL! still, i LOVE it! (: pssst, your ganache and deco looks good as compared to mine (: let's keep exploring (:
    if i dont have bailey, is there any replacement for it? thank you! (:

  12. Whoa. That looks like absolute heaven.

  13. OOoOOoOOH Elin! I think I gained pounds just by drooling over it! Lovely looking cake - not ugly, very rustic and homely looking! Your cake for your Wild Boar with the Ferrero Rondoir was VERY professional! :0)

  14. Dark chocolate heaven right there. Beautiful job on this. :)

  15. Such a lovely X'mas gift for Chris' parents. The frosting looks great to me, I'm also so, so only where this is concerned.

  16. oh Elin

    those cherries on that beautiful mud cake are calling to me!! I need some therapy right now, can this piggy please have a big piece!!
    This cake looks like an award winner for sure!

  17. You are 100% right! Homemade is priceless. Your chocolate is so beautiful with lots of fresh cherries as decorations.

  18. Hi Wai Kitt, Sweetylicious, Emily, Lynne, Briarose, Cheah , Chef Dennis and Zoe,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and your sweet notes are really encoruaging :)

    Chef Dennis....thanks for your support and your notes for me are so encouraging, please help yourself to virtual feasting of the cake, bigger slice please for it is calories free taken this way :p

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog...you are SO sweet!

  20. Lizzy..you are most welcome and thank you for dropping by :)

  21. This cake sounds so good and I love that touch of cherries on top for a nice pop of color.

  22. Elin, my comment went missing again! Errr.... Anyway, I have yet tried to make a mud cake but will make one tomorrow. Btw, there's nothing wrong with your cake. I think it looks perfect. I am a little dizzy now cause my list to do is totally filled with all kinds of cake recipes. haha... Hopefully, I have time for them soon. Have a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  23. Kristy...you must try baking a mud cake...you have no regrets for sure. I made one for my cousin's birthday...great taste..sinfully chocolatey mmmmm if only I can indulge in it often :p

  24. Elin, LOVELY CAKE!! a cake to die for! mmm...I wonder if I should try baking this cake for my buddy's birthday next week. I have to tell you that my baking skill is one sandwich short of a picnic so don't be surprise in the end I have to go buy her a cake. LOL! Have a nice weekend and hugs to you and the little piggies!

  25. i have been looking for a tried and tested mud cake recipe. One I tried b4 was WAYYYYY toooooo sweet. 'll def give this a go! i know most asians cant take sweet sweet so If you say this is good then this is GOOD! Thanks Elin! :P

  26. Veronica & Zurin

    I am sure you can pull through. It is simple to make :) and it is the best mud cake I have tried. Your buddy will love it :) Just fold in gently the whisk egg white into the batter. Just don't take too long to fold in .The cake will be soft and light. Very nice . It is actually Australian Chocolate Mud Cake. Not sweet , just nice for asian taste :)

    Have a great weekend :) hugs from us all to both of you :)