Thursday, January 27, 2011

CNY Goodies - Shortcrust Pastry Pineapple Tarts

I love anything heart shapes...silly me but what to do I am born with this silly passion for heart shape things :p  I have been hunting for a crunchy base crust for my pineapple tarts and after asking around, I eventually settled for Gordon Ramsay's simple shortcrust pastry and it turned out better than I thought. The most important factor is my Piggies love them. Joshua is one picky fella when it comes to cookies and pies and cakes. If he say it is is really good coz he is really picky - has a crunchy and biscuit-ty texture crust and this one suits him and JO !  And they are cute ..ain't they :p

I bought these cuties from Intrico and the jam filling too. They sell the best pineapple jam ...if you ask me about store bought ones...they have the best . Of course this is my opinion...they are not overly sweet and has the perfect taste for me and my family, so I don't bother to made my own , after all  , every year I make about 100 pinapple tarts. That is about 500 gm of pineapple jam.  This jam is not sweet and have a tangy flavor . It seems Intrico ordered them from Johor ...mmmm look at the texture of the jam and I can shaped them into heart shapes easily. 

Jo helped me shape the jam into heart shaped so that it fits perfectly into my heart shape cases)  If you have a helper , making this is so much easier.  For 500 gm of pineapple jam, you can make 100 tarts with one recipe of short crust pastry.

This is how it looks inside ( the bottom photo ) ...the crust is biscuit-ty in texture this and I shall be making this again next year.  A keeper for sure . We are bored with the nastar rolls and now looking for more crunchy ones :)

Shortcrust Pastry  -  Gordon Ramsay
( Printable recipe )

This recipe can make about 100 pieces of pineapple tarts

Ingredients :-

400gm flour
1 tsp of salt
200 gm cold butter- cut into cubes
100-150ml cold water

see video clip on how to make the pastry - click here

Let  the dough rest in the fridge for 30 minutes before use to get a nice crunchy crust :)

How to make the pineapple tarts

500 gm pineapple jam - either store bought or homemade


Press the shortcrust pastry dough ( the size of a mothball ) onto  the heart shaped case . Shape the pineapple jam into heart shape and place on top of the heart shape dough. Baked in  a preheated oven of 180C and baked for 20 -25 minutes - depends on individual oven till brown and cooked.  Take out and cool on rack . When cooled , keep in air tight container .

Enjoy !

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  1. Awww, these heart shaped pineapple tarts are so adorable! I guess I wouldn't make the filling if I weren't baking pineapple tarts in bulk too.
    The short crust pastry looks like it has layers in it. Like hong kong egg tart pastry!!

  2. Your holiday is coming up then! These are adorable and must be so wonderfully sweet.

  3. The heart shapes look perfect for some valentine's day baking :)

  4. pineapple tarts my favorite! yummy!

  5. Elin... mine all finished already! *wink*

  6. These are adorable! Why don't I use pineapple more often?!

  7. Elin

    this little piggy has never had pineapple jam, it must be oh so good! I am definitely looking for it. Those little shortcrust tarts must have been heavenly!

  8. Now they are PROPER tarts! Clever idea making them in little cases like that! I wasn't going to make any pineapple tarts but somehow a pineapple got into my shopping trolley the other day!?

  9. This looks divine! For years, pineapple pie was my favorite! This is a great twist!

  10. Hi Elin-they are so cute! I need to find some too! I love the crust and the filling sounds amazing. :)Thank you for your sweet comment ((hugs))

  11. Gosh, lovely, Elin! Just wanna pinch some right now. Yup I also buy all my stuff from Intrico, prices are reasonable and their products are fresh.

  12. both your piggies are going to put on extra kilos when they come back with so much good food and beautiful cookies!

  13. Elin, I love that you use heart shape moulds for the pineapple tarts. I love heart shapes for everything! I would rather get a box of home made heart shape pineapple tarts than a box of chocolate bought from vendors on valentine's day. I have not seen our name yet for my Valentine's giveaway. I hope you will join the fun. I love for you to win a pair of the earrings I designed and made. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Elin, this is so cool! You're making pastry tart instead of those normal tarts. And it's heart shape some more. Must be specially for Wild Boar huh! haha... Any more for Claire? haha.... Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Have fun! I just completed 2 cheesecake and going to freeze them later. They going to travel over hundred miles with me in another few more days. haha... Yes, still baking! The earlier batch already given away and left only one jar of black sesame biscuit & some pineapple rolls for my mom. I'm going to make one more batch pineapple rolls tomorrow, gifts for my 3 younger brothers. Guess you're now busy cooking & baking as well. Take care & have fun!
    Cheers, Kristy

  15. Hi to all....
    thanks for dropping by and leaving me encouraging comments. I love reading all of them and I am so sorry that I could not reply to all your comments earlier. Been busy in the kitchen the last few days:)

    Tracie...this short crust pastry is good for this pineapple tart ...has a crunchy biscuit-y texture :) is heavenly...yea the festive season is just 4 days away :)

    Janine...yess great for Valentine's day :)

    Wenn...hahah me too, I love this type of crust :)

    Claire...hahaha fast worker....good tarts so finished fast :)

    Dee Dee..ya it is delicious...tangy and a nice sweet tart :)

    Steph....haha so after drooling and salivating oer these pineapple tarts I am sure you will look for some of these pineapple jam "))

    Chef can cook the pineapple jam yourself :) and yea this is simply delicious with the biscuit-y texture :) try this pineapple tart with short crust is so good that you won't want to stop after the first bite :)

    Tiffany...thanks, this short crust pastry is great for the pineapple tart :)

    Lora...I am glad you are cheerful your keep them coming :) Love your recipes too and love your blog ! Take care and hugs :)

    Cheah...we both know Intrico serve fresh baking products and I love to shop there :)

    Lena...yea especially my boy , he loves the shrt crust pastry :)

    Veronica...thanks for telling me about your giveaways :) I have submitted my answer on your blog. You too have a great Sunday :) are so hardworking...have fun :)

  16. These really look delicious and they are a great idea with Valentine's Day nearly here. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  17. Mary....haha yea this is very appropriate for the coming Valentine'sDay ;)
    You too have a nice day. * hugs to keep you warm*


  18. These are so beautiful! Love how cute, and tiny they are:) And they of course sound sooooo delicious:)
    Take care,

  19. Terra...thanks and do drop by more often for more goodies :) Will hop over to your place soon :)

  20. OooOOOH! Look good! I used your pastry recipe for Pineapple Tarts from 2009 and did not have a good time piping at all. I need a bigger star nozzle! I made them into ball shapes and made an indentation with my thumb to put my blob of pineapple in. Was ok, not pretty enough though. Made a different dough recipe and its very crisp, short and buttery. Not had chance to turn them into cookies yet!

  21. Hi Lynne...making pineapple really needs lots of patience :) Minh looks cute now and he is so ADORABLE !!! Muax

  22. Very pretty pineapple tarts and I love the heart shapes :D I can now try Gordon Ramsay's shortcrust recipe with confidence!