Friday, January 21, 2011

Sun Hat To Shade My Silvery Hair :)

I have been looking out for sun hats or visors that is suitable for my silvery hair . Doctors told me not to go out in the hot sun without a hat or umbrella and I thought it would be nice to wear a sun hat when I go for evening walks instead of holding an umbrella. It is not easy to walk with an umbrella so a sun hat would be nice . Fashionable and yet served a medical purpose for me as I have very sensitive scalp. I look looked around for one that is suitable for me and found this panama hat  that is a perfect fit for me . These panama hats are woven from the young harvested leaves of panama hat palm, practical and gives protection against wind too besides the hot scorching sun . An ideal hat for me for it is also stylish and can be rolled up when not in use. Soft and flexible for they are made from the straw and they conform to my head : )  I learned  from the website that I can remove wrinkle or dent from the hat by just dampen it with water and using a hair dryer, I will be able to  reshape it to its original shape !  A good buy no doubt !

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