Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gifts I Won - A Good Start For The Rabbit Year :)

This year is good year for me :P  I won gifts from food bloggers which I never got the luck the last few years and being invited to guest post for great Chef Dennis...* oinking away and today I am going to post up the gifts I won. Been wanting to show off my new recipe books and that pair of beautiful earrings :p

I can't contain my joy when Swee San wrote and told me that I won the Xmas contest she held and I was given the first choice to choose the book I want ....of course , being a passionate baker, I chose  " Nigella Lawson Christmas , for I have none of her collections.  And she is so kind to add in another book for me " Bowl of Fortune " LOL ! the reason being - sending me the book late!  She is kind right...these two books are great for the coming festivals... Xmas and CNY 2012 !!!

Then , Veronica of Quay Po Cooks wrote to me and told me that I am one of the winners for her Valentine Contest....and she is so kind and sent me the pair of beautiful heart shape earrings...hand made by her some more....whoa they were exquisite and I love the colors too.  Veronica is nice, she knows all her readers likes and dislikes :) she knows that I love anything heart shape ( romantic Momsie that is me ) she sent the heart shape earrings to ME!!!! I oinked with joy . Thank you Swee San and Veronica for these beautiful gifts that I will hold dearly :)

Next came an email from Chef Dennis extending an invitation to me to guest post for him.  Whoa, I can't tell you how happy I am.......I finally did a guest post for him....making it my first and I enjoyed the post much. Thank you Chef Dennis for giving the opportunity to guest post for you .

Thank you to all for making this Momsie happy...
happy because you leaves lovely comments
happy because you think this blog is worth coming

Have a nice day !
More bakes after this :)

*         *         *


  1. you're more than welcome Elin, I'm sure u'll whip up lotsa great food for christmas later this year and CNY next year :)

  2. you're so lucky. this means that you'll be as lucky, throughout the year too! (:

  3. As we would say, Huat ah! What a lucky start to the year!

  4. U receive gifts cos u deserve them! Congrats, my dear!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments here :) It cheers me up each time you all leave me some sweets here :)

    Have a nice day to all of you who dropped by .

  6. Your year is off to a good start:-). Congratulations on your good fortune. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I'm green with envy, momsie. So, this year, you'll prosper .... very good start for the Bunny year!

  8. Mary...thanks :) Hope more to come :)

    Cheah...haha hope so ...thanks:)

  9. Elin, you are most welcome. I am happy to know that the earrings reached you and you like them. It makes me happy too! OINK!!