Monday, March 21, 2011

Apricot And Raisin Bread

I am still having bread fever and it is really contagious . Many of my friends are making bread every alternate days and I am also kneading away most nights :p  homemade breads taste so much better. My friends use the bread machine but I use my cake mixer with the dough hook and kneading the dough with the stretch and fold method which I learned from the BBA book :p  I love kneading and feeling the dough with my hands so that when it turns comes out light and nice..the satisfaction is beyond words :p  Each time it turns out great I will want to have lots of shots of the bread LOL!   Actually , I enjoy taking shots of my bakes and put them here for my friends and Piggies to drool and wet their keyboards...I am bad bad Momsie :p

I really enjoy making this  bread...I used the same Cinnamon Raisin Walnut dough  recipe but add dried apricot and golden raisin instead of cinnamon and walnut.  It turned out great and I love the aroma of dried apricot....sweet smelling and taste good.  I have no regret buying BBA ...learned so much from Peter Reinhart...okay okay I am not  going to rant about it anymore or you will be sick of hearing about this author :p but for this BBA is my bread bible :) Love it to bits and I will be trying out his Rosemary Potato Bread soon...stay tuned I will it post it up as soon as I make it :)  Meanwhile enjoy drooling over my Apricot Bread photos ^^)

Please refer to my Cinnamon Raisin Walnut  for the dough recipe 
omit the cinnamon and walnut and use dried apricot and golden raisin instead :)

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  1. at really crazy about bread but at times would like to much lo. Especially if got a cup of Kopi O.

  2. another rusty looking bread! so this must be the one that you were waiting to bake the other day..i must also try using dried apricots one day.

  3. i wish to catch the contagious bread making fever! you've baked soooo many nice ones but i havent even get my hands on any of it! anyways, yours look so lovely and yummy! (:

  4. Hi, saw your post last night 5 mins. after you posted but was too tired to look further. Totally agree with you that homemade bread is still the best!

  5. That is so soft and yummy, lovely bread.

  6. I understand bread baking is very addictive, that gives you the satisfaction and healthy goodie to enjoy. I'm with you.