Monday, March 28, 2011

Black Sesame Steamed Bun

I woke up at 5am this morning to make this black sesame steamed bun for our breakfast LOL! I know many of you will think that I am crazy... best time to sleep in till 6 am...the problem is this recipe has been in my to do list for a very long time and suddenly I have the craze to try this out for breakfast this morning. I have never eaten a steamed bun other then a pau , most of the time , buns are baked in the oven :) This recipe is from the book - Baked & Steamed Bun by Daniel Choong that I acquired some time back and have bookmarked to make this for our breakfast and I am so happy that I finally made it and guess what ? It was one beautifully textured & healthy bun that I have eaten so far. Sesame flavored and I tweaked it by adding fillings for WB. Many of you would have read and known from my other blog that he is a meat eater so I added chicken sausages for him and crab filaments for myself :p Gave some to Claire for her breakfast :))) The recipe is for plain black sesame steamed buns with no fillings.


This is a very simple and easy to make steamed bun , I read and calculate how long it takes to make these buns and since it will take about an hour to make them from scratch to the end , I set my alarm for wake up call earlier by an hour , thus 5am would be just nice for me . WB will have hot buns for his breakfast and Claire will be happy to chew on these buns too. Hot and fresh from Elin's kitchen, who doesnt want :p The steps are so simple and many of you can make this for your school going kids but if you want to sleep in longer then you can make this the nite before and warm them up in your microwave oven for 20 secs. It is as good as they just came out of the steamer. The rest of the pictures are for drooling ^   * . Seriously , you must make this for your family ....even my friend Claire says it is good :p

Black Sesame Steamed Bun ( adapted from Baked & Steamed Bun - Daniel Choong )
( Printable Recipe )


325 gm low protein flour ( superfine flour )
45 gm sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp instant yeast
20 gm corn oil
1/2 tsp baking powder
45 gm black sesame seeds - toasted
145 gm water


Mix well yeast with water until yeast is totally dissolved.

Mix well with all other ingredients. Knead to form soft dough. Cover and leave to rest for 30 mins.

Cut into 12 portions. Each portion 50 gm. roll into balls and rest for 5 mins.

Flatten the dough and roll into long shape. Roll up from one end to the other end. Place it onto a piece of greaseproof  paper and rest for 15 mins.

Place into the preheat steamer and steam over medium heat for 8 mins.

Enjoy and have a nice day !


  1. Hi there Elin,
    Interesting recipe and am keen to try it out.However,I am a little confused as I thought low protein flour is cake flour.So,do I use cake flour or self raising flour?Anyway,thank you for this recipe.I would surely try this.

  2. more question.When you say rest the dough,do you mean letting the dough double in size as like baking bread or just resting the dough to relax the gluten is sufficient?I am asking this as Malaysia is warm and thus many recipes just mention the time and more or less the dough would rise whereas others in a cooler climate country couldn't follow the time specify as it would take longer to wait if the dough needed to be double in size.Thanks again.

  3. Hi Shereen...thanks for pointing out the mistake to me..I was supposed to type out superfine flour hahaha and did not realize the fingers type out self raising flour. Cake flour and superfine are the same actually..low protein flour.

    And to your 2nd, it will not double in size . Yes just to relax the gluten :)

    Btw , thanks for dropping by :)

  4. yum...i would prefered the ones with sausage. Dont much fancy crab rolls .

  5. same here, the sausage version looks yummy:D

  6. I really like this recipe. It is a bit beyond what I might normally prepare and that is what makes it interesting. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. It looks like dragon fruit :) Like the recipe

  8. Kathy & Jeannie...yup even WB loves the sausage one but I love the crab filaments :)

    Mary....yes this is very interesting and it is my first time making this. I baked them often but to steam them is my first experience and it turned out great...yummy ! hope you will try this out and share with your family :)

    Kankana....haha yup from far it looks like dragon fruit but it is black sesame seeds :)

  9. Oh I love the sausage one. These look incredible!

  10. Bridgett...yup they are wonderful for breakfast and supper. Light and easy for the palate

  11. Thanks Elin..will proceed to make these yummies soon.

  12. are welcome..I hope you will like it and do let us know how it turn out for you :)

  13. this looks really interesting.But i will not get up at 5 am to bake. :P unless it is this good perhaps. YUM!

  14. Zurin...when the craze is there...I will. No need to bake ,just steam it and I like it fresh and it is worth it. I can be that crazy and guess who said that..yeap WB, he said I am crazy to wake up at that hour nd that I disturbed his beauty sleep LOL!!!

  15. hi elin, is this texture like pau cos i have never used superfine flour for my steamed buns before.

  16. is something like pau but better texture. :) try making it.I am sure will love the texture.

  17. have been munching on crackers which have sesames all over. guess i'm on sesame fever nowadays eh? and now i see your black sesame bun! mouth-watering. hehe

    have a nice day! =)

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  18. Love the sausage ones! Steamed buns are delicious. I want to make these for breakfast! :)

  19. Jean...thanks for dropping by. Been to yours and you are Ipohan ? LOL!

    Looky Tasty....everyone loves the sausage ones :) yea..steamed buns are delicious...hope you will like it...anyway to me this is better than the pau :)

  20. Momsie, I'm curious how this will taste. Wow, getting up at 5am to make this and I do envy Claire, always first hand to try out your creations! Think I'll prefer it plain and dip in some gravy.

  21. Cheah....haha this is best taken fresh. So to make sure that everyone has a good breakfast I have to get up early to make them lo ;) anyway I usually gets up early so this just 3/4 of an hour early.;)

  22. It take some dedication to roll out of bed early for baking. :) Beautiful job.