Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Doggie Buns - Water Roux Method

Many of you will know that I am crazy over bread and bun making lately....I have warned you a few weeks ago that I will posting up mostly on buns and bread :)  I am very intrigued by the water roux method. The buns somehow will turn out fluffy and soft.  It has become my favourite bun making method.  Today, I used the water roux method again to make hot doggie buns  :p  at the request of Wild Boar of course! ...who else would want hot doggie buns :)

After making so many times using the water roux method, it has now become a simple task after all, and not that difficult to handle the tacky and soft dough anymore.  Kneading a soft and tacky dough can be quite tiring but the end result is always encouraging and you will want to make it again and again.  You can use the same dough and turn them into hot doggie buns , garlic and fresh herbs buns or plain bun or curry sardine buns mmmmm...and the aroma of freshly baked buns/bread helps  bring back fond memories of my younger days where I once lived near a bakery shop and the smell of freshly baked bread often make me hungry .

the hot doggie is being wrapped warm ...proofing time :) before
being send to oven...:)

that cute little pink piggy ( a gift from Piggy Cuz
wants to keep the hot doggie company :)

before putting them in the oven
use a sharp kitchen scissors cut
across at 1" intervals for a  'cool' look :p
egg wash them and place a tsp of butter on top
for a buttery flavor at the request of WB 

that little Piggy can't wait to eat the hot doggie...
look how close it is to the
aromatic buns :)

love the evenly browned hot doggie buns

it is now ready for to be served...see how light and fluffy these
hot doggie buns are....and you know who is the happiest of all
of course WB...he loves hot doggie buns with buttery flavor

Click here for the water roux dough recipe

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  1. yes, i know you're on bread fever (: but im lovin it! im going to be on bread craze soon and all yo tips sure come handy! anyways, the bread look so soft and delicious!! (:

  2. I used the water roux technique all the time. Those look great. I can't wait to try it.

  3. I love bread, so I don't mind your bread and buns recipes at all! I'm enjoying them!

  4. So does the piggy follow the bun inside the oven? hehehe...nice n delightful bread!

  5. Looks very fluffy and soft... I am also very curious about this water roux method...maybe one day when I have lots of time in hand, I'll give this a try:)

  6. woof! woof! chase away the piggy coz i want to eat those buns

  7. Wow! I can just imagine, how delicious a bite would have been, looks too tempting and yummy.

  8. I just bought some bread flour last week and I'm going to try to make some bread...hopefully soon ;D

  9. I've never heard of the water roux method before but I want fluffy and soft bread so I will have to try it! These hot dog buns look awesome.

  10. elin, you're tempting me again with your water roux breads..can i not make them and request special delivery instead? ha!

  11. It has been a long while since I made any bread or buns, your post gets the itchy blood flowing and I think I want to make some soon. Fabulous doggie buns.

  12. Oh, I have to put this on my to do list. I love to make bread and this sounds and looks very good. Yum!!!

  13. Looks really tasty! Nice picture too!
    Newest follower from the MBC ^^
    Please stop by my blog and follow back.
    Thanks! :)

  14. Hi to all...thanks for dropping me sweet comments here and you all know how much your comments means to me.

    I am now having bread fever ...gosh it is so addictive and this Saturday is going to be artisan bread :) Love the crusty and rustic look of the bread. I love Peter Reinhart and his clear step by step picture on how to knead dough for making artisan bread has motivated me into making artisan bread :) Bear with me for a while. Shall be baking muffins and cheesecake too :) so stay tuned and see what I will be up to the next few days :)

    hugs and muaxs to all,


  15. I've got to start tyring this method again ... later!

  16. My daughter loves hot dog buns! These look much better than those packaged ones!

  17. Peek-a-boo! That little bit of sausage peeking out is so cute and the piggy figurine just completes the whole picture! Lovely!

  18. These really look wonderful. Your photos are wonderful, but then so is your recipe. These would be a real treat. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. Elin, these are really fabulous. They are so light and fluffy looking, just like the scrumptious ones you find in Chinese pastry shops......yum.