Sunday, March 27, 2011

Round Bacon Buns

Buns again for our breakfast . I used the Cheese and Bacon Twist recipe , omitted the cheese this time and shaped them into round buns instead . Shaping  them round is faster and save time compared to the twist bun :)  The bread and bun craze is still on and I guess I will never get tired of making the saying goes " If there is a demand , there will be a supply " LOL! WB loves the soft and fluffy texture of this bun and it is full  of flavor with the pan fried bacon bits in them . I will be making another load for Monday but with different fillings this time :)

I love the water roux method but this bun making method is slightly different, it uses more milk than the usual ones I make. The bun turns out soft and fluffy even without using the water roux method. Recently I bought the March/April issue of Flavor Magazine and a few of the inside contents are soft bread recipe by Alex Goh, the famos baker. I shall be trying out his recipe and shall share them with you :) Stay tuned for it :) I am sure bread lovers will love it ! The photos below are for drooling:p

The recipe is the same as 

Have a nice day :)


  1. Healthy with a rich aroma of beacon and cheese.. best!

  2. great that u could bake so well for yr family..

  3. yay, I'm so happy that you're going on a bread baking spree. All the breads you're baking right now look so soft. I just tried making the cinnamon bread, thanks for the recipe. It was so soft. I love how my hands smell like cinnamon right now. :)

  4. Claire...glad you like them :p More to come !

    Wenn....shall be making something for you soon. At the moment Claire is busy with her meet up in Penang :p

    Esther...oh you did try it out and it turned out great !!! I am happy for you :) I will be on bread making spree again :)))