Friday, April 1, 2011

Bannock - Scottish Flatbread

I received this book 500 pizzas and flatbreads from my Piggies as a gift for  Mother's day in the year 2009 and I have only tried out a few of the recipes :p and the rest of the time the book is sitting snugly on my book shelf . I decided to make these wonderful Bannock , a scottish flatbread for our breakfast.  As usual , when craziness takes control, wake up time will be 5.30am  LOL!   When you read the recipe instructions later on, you will agree this is by far the easiest to make dough . And the end result  makes waking up at 5.30am worthwhile !!  

Bannock originated from Scotland and were introduced to the United States by early settlers.  They can be cooked in a cast-iron frying pan over campfire or on griddle , that was how I did mine.   I tweaked it a bit by adding a savory fillings to it. The original has no fillings - just a flatbread but knowing the Wild Boar , spicy filling would be great for him and you can guess how tasty and delicious these bannocks are . They were simple to make and I had it all done in just 40 minutes and I took some to the office for Claire and Miss K.  Miss K gave me the spicy 'dried shrimps sambal ' and I used some for the fillings :p 

This is like making the crust for pie pastry...rub in method 
 - took me less than 10 mins to make this dough

divide the dough equally and add
 fillings to each ball of dough

after adding in the filling, roll back into a round ball
then flatten each piece to form  a round that is 1/2 inch thick 

placed them on greased griddle or non stick pan
and cooked them 7 minutes on each side or
until brown speckles are seen 
 before flipping over

When it is done on both sides, you can remove them
and place them on a serving plate and serve
them with a cup of hot cappuccino or coffee 

looks how wonderful this bannocks are ...
well cooked  !I love the brown speckles on 
both sides :)

I could not resist and helped myself 
to two pieces before I left for office :p
And the Wild Boar took them with his favorite
drink...Nescafe !

Bannock  - adapted from 500 pizzas & flatbreads
Makes 4 and serves 2-4

115 ( 4 oz)  gm plain flour
5 ml ( 1tsp ) baking powder
4 ml ( 3/4 tsp) salt  * I used only 1/4 tsp coz I used salted butter
45 ml ( 3 tbsp ) unsalted butter
120 ml ( 4 fl oz ) water


In large bowl. combine flour , baking powder and salt. Cut in the butter until the mixture resembles a coarse meal. Add 120 ml ( 4 fl oz) water and stir until flour is moistened and a stiff dough forms. Add more water if necessary.

Lightly oil and preheat a large cast-iron or nonstick frying pan over medium heat.

Turn dough onto lightly floured board or counter. Divide into 4 equal pieces. flatten each piece to form a round that is 1 cm (1/2 in ) thick.

Place first round in hot frying pan and cook for 6-7minutes per side. Serve warm with butter or desired topping. Cook reminaing pieces of bannock in the same way.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend !

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  1. I've never seen this stuffed before. It's a great idea and looks delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Wow. I love Scottish Bannocks and you've made me homesick! They look perfectly gorgeous. Now, with your spicy filling you have certainly taken them to another level!

  3. Thank you so much... my breakfast is a mug of oats and two pieces of your Bannock!!

  4. elin, i also have this book and seen this. i'm worse than you, i only tried 1 recipe so far..looks so simple...dont know what is the book sitting there for..

  5. I thought they looked so much like English muffins, then to learn that they are filled? Brilliant. If they come together in only 40 minutes then I definitely have to give these a try!

  6. great idea to fill them! I'm a fan of international flatbreads -- these look delicious. Theresa

  7. Stuffed bread... heck yes!! These must be so good!

  8. Hi Mary, Jill Colonna, Claire , Lena , Wilde , Island Vittles, Lizzy and Kate

    Thanks for dropping by and leave me your kind words...I am much encouraged by your words. Love you all :)

  9. Bannock, unfilled and cooked by various methods, is still a staple for many of the indigenous people of Canada, particularly in the North and West. In Scotland, when bannock was made in a skillet, or griddle and cut into wedges they called them scones. They still do!

  10. I forgot to mention that I can't wait to try your version, spicy filling and all!