Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Lovely Award For Elinluv's Sweet Delights :)

Let  me thank Janice of  Home Cook Baker  for giving  Elinluv's Sweet Delights this lovely award...not that I deserved it but somehow I am glad I am one of the recipients :p.  This is my third one, the second one still waiting for me to pick up. I can't remember which blogger gave me so I have to go dig up :p  Sorry, I was busy at that time and I told her I will go pick it up later ...I will...just hang on. So, before I forget again , I better put this up first :)  Thanks Janice for such lovely thoughts and I will continue to share more recipes from my kitchen.

I will skip the rest of the rules for I think all bloggers deserved this award for they too have put in a lot of efforts in sharing their recipes with all of us. So all my bloggers friends please feel free to pick this award from me :) You all deserve this lovely award !

I will share 7 random things about myself to all of you.....I just discovered that

1.   I am happy creating new dishes for my family no matter how much hardwork is involved.

2.   I am happy when readers drop by to read my posts and leave me lovely and kind words
      for I do need encouragement and praises once in a while :)

3.   I love all my recipe books and I will take one to bed with me everynight...
      inspiration comes before I doze off to dreamland.  
4.   I need to have my iPod Touch by my side every night before I sleep so that I can check my mails
      before I sleep and early morning before I get up from bed.

5.   I love Keith Urban , of course his songs... no doubt he has good looks  LOL ! Nicole Kidman is the
      the luckiest woman on earth :)

6.   I love watching korean dramas and am hooked to HK dramas too.

7.   I am crazy over bread making and Wild Boar is being fed homemade bread everyday LOL!

To all my wonderful food blogger friends....this award is for all for you, please do pick it up
and paste it on your blog ...for all you  deserve this lovely award.

Thank you Janice once again for giving this lovely is
an encouragement to me !

Love to all of you .....

and have a nice day !

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  1. so tonite after making your bread, go enjoy your dramas and after reading your recipe book before you go to dreamland, better think who's the person who passed you the award !ha!!