Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fruity Sundae

The weather is killing ! Scorching hot in the day and heavy shower at night.  The weather is at extreme. Ice cream in the freezer is also finishing fast LOL! Wild Boar and myself have been tucking in these sweetness to cool down. Well, that is a lame excuse but these truly cheers us up...and make the hot day bearable.  We have to slurp them down fast for the ices melts faster then you can imagine LOL!

Wild Boar's share without the strawberries..he hates them

he likes the Coco De Nata though and mix fruits....;)

this is mine...with strawberries and mix fruits and coco de nata

I am thinking of getting an  ice cream maker ' Kenwood IM128 ' but not sure whether it will be user friendly , I read reviews on it and it entails quite a lot of work. Meaning have to freeze the ice cream bowl for 24 hours then it takes another 3/4 hour to churn, then have to freeze again for a few hours before you can start savoring them :(    Still scouting for one that is not so troublesome.  Of course the one that comes with refrigeration will costs a lot of money.  This Momsie is still thinking...maybe I will get the Kenwooe IM128 . It costs only RM299 .   I hope you guys can enlighten me if you have one at home , and tell me whether this model is good  for that price ??  I appreciate it if you can leave your thoughts on the comment box regarding this model :)

Kenwood IM128

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

French Apple Cake

This is a wonderful french apple cake ...moist and yet fluffy soft . A great french apple cake for dessert :)  I am a fan of Dorie Greenspan and this recipe is from her latest cookbook : Around My French Table. I have ordered the book last week and now I am waiting for the book to arrive next week....yay ! I am happy, and happy as can be ! Another book to my collections !  I know for sure..someone is going to oink again  :p  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Australian Dragon Fruit ????

I saw these fruits at a fruit stall , when I went fish shopping at the Canning Market last Sunday .  I was looking at the fruits and I realised "  hey, I  have never seen this fruit before  " * sorry , I am quite a frog under the coconut shell - the malay saying " katak di bawah tempurung "  ) I asked the lady what is the name of the fruit...it looks like a mango from far.  She told me her customer told her that it is called  'dragon fruit ' and originated from Australia but this batch of fruits are grown on Malaysia soil.  I was surprised that I have never seen this kind of fruit being sold at any fruit shops. Out of curiosity, I bought two back for our dessert.  And surprisingly , it turned out sweet and the texture and the taste are exactly like those of the persimmons.  Could this fruit be persimmons !!!  Could the lady be wrong???  So I need you guys to tell me what fruit this is.  I really want to know the name of this fruit :)  I would appreciate it very much if anyone out there reading this post can enlighten me on this fruit....:))))

Have a nice day and don't forget to leave me a comment with the name of the fruit and thank you in advance :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Childhood Delight - Ice Cream On Bread

This is Wild Boar's childhood favorite snack. Ice cream on bun !  I recreated this delectable snack for him since I have one Mini Walnut Loaf  left in the fridge from my previous bake.  I warmed up the loaf and sliced them into 1/4" thick slices and placed them on a dessert plate with a scoop of store bought raspberry ripple ice cream on top of each slices .  Though it may not be exactly like those he used to have with the ice cream sandwiched between a bun,  this is just as good to tie over his childhood cravings :)   I love it too....what a wonderful snack especially when the weather is scorching hot !

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Walnut Loaf

After having tried making the Almond Cranberry Bread  , recipe by Alex Goh,  WB and myself are hooked to this bread. I have make it many times for our breakfast...so much so that it has become a household bread ! :)  Seriously it is good, can be taken alone or you can brush some butter on it..mmmm over a cup of Ipoh white coffee .....yummy. I tweaked it a bit to give it a different flavor but using the same basic recipe. I used walnuts solely with no cranberry or apricot.   This mini loaves are so healthy and guess what loaf pans I used ............

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am indeed honored to receive this " The Versatile Blogger " Award from Kimberli  of What's cooking?  She not only honored me this award for one of my blog but two of my blogs !!! Thank you Kimberli...I am super happy to accept it :))

As I accept this award I must note the rules ( this goes for all who receive this award as well ) . You must thank the person who awarded you by linking back to their post, you have to say 7 things about yourself and last but not least, you have to pass the award down to 15 other new or newly discovered blogs .

Are you ready to know another 7 interesting things about Elin ?   ^ *  ( I received many awards and I have written 7 things about myself many times and now I have to rediscover myself again...Lol !)  hope this is interesting to you

7.   I love to try out new recipes from books I bought to the dismay of the Piggies clan :p Wild Boar famos line " Why can't you stick to your own recipe that the kids like to eat ? "

6.   I love to crap nonsence lately to the dismay of my readers :P I have just started another new blog to crap on things that make me happy besides food - My Knick Knacks  So , if my post doesn't make sense at all...please excuse Elin - she has succumbed to the ageing factor !

5.  I love hot stuff...chilli is a must have side condiment in my food ( my secret chilli dipping - mix together chopped basil leaves, chopped garlic and chopped chilli with light soy sauce - this goes well with noodles or baked fish )

4.  I can be a Kind Momsie and feed my kids with the best food and supplement and yet can be the Wicked Momsie alive....I tease them with my virtual food on my blog till they salivate over their keyboards : ) (  Elin can sometimes be such a wicked Momsie to her Piggies )

3.  I only use two types of oil for my cooking -  Grapeseed oil and olive oil  - one can take heat and the other just can't .  You can say I am an extremist but both are good for health :) so this extreme sides of me is good afterall :)

2.  I can save on anything but not on food , kitchen accessories and cookbooks. I love them and that is my only weakness ! I can stay away from all temptations but not those lovely cookbooks and kitchen accessories.   Wild Boar know that and my Piggies know that.  You can guess what I get from them each year for my birthdays and Mother's Day !

1.  I talk with my two dogs everyday without fail and my neighbor thinks I am mad or overly romantic for I coo and call them ' Baby and Darling '  ( WB asked why I never coo and call him Baby and darling) So I told him this " coz you are not a dog :p  you are a wild boar "   

Now I would like to pass the award to ..........

1.  Mary - One Perfect Bite
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Thanks Kimberli for the award ....I am truly honored :)

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Caramel -Topped Flan

I  made a heart shaped Caramel-Topped Flan to celebrate  Mother's Day :)   This caramel topped flan is from Dorie Greenspan's ' Baking From My Home To Yours " and it was the most lovely mouthwatering piece of dessert.  I would like to dedicate this delicious melts in the mouth caramel topped flan to all the wonderful mommies out there.  For the recipe please read on.........

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crustless Spinach Quiche

I find that crustless quiche are much healthier and fuss free . You can just whip it up in an hour from stratch to finish baking. Less washing too for you can just dump all the ingredients into one mixing bowl and that's it...after which into the baking pan it goes .  I love lots of spinach and cheddar cheese in my quiche...it just spell healthy and tasty :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seaweed Muffins

I have so many recipe books that at times , I tend to overlook those that I bought many years ago.  Newer ones were placed at the bedside table and the older ones placed on the shelf  neglected. Yesterday was a holiday and I did a spring cleaning on my books after the kids left for KL and found this long forgotten cake and pastry book in one corner of the shelf . Flipped through it and I found that this seaweed muffins recipe with the picture looks appealing and I knew I would love to have it for my breakfast the next day.  I gathered all the ingredients and set to baking it at 11.30pm . I bake at odd hours of the day...either very early in the morning or late in the night when everyone is fast asleep in the neighborhood.  I bake better when everyone off to dreamland. I love the quiet still night and maybe it is the cooler weather that makes me bake better :p  Alright I am crapping......crapping is one way to de-stress one self , for me I guess ...I miss my Piggies so please bear with me :p

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baked Cheesecake With Passion Fruit Ice Cream Topping

The Piggies came back for their long weekend break last Friday . Knowing them so well, I know this is the most asked question by them after dinner " what is for dessert ? "  "p  I kept some of my homemade passion fruit ice cream for them as dessert and I baked their favorite classic cheesecake to go with the ice cream. Perfect match and the passion fruit ice cream was a good accompaniment for the cheesecake ! Don't you agree with you  :)