Thursday, May 19, 2011

Australian Dragon Fruit ????

I saw these fruits at a fruit stall , when I went fish shopping at the Canning Market last Sunday .  I was looking at the fruits and I realised "  hey, I  have never seen this fruit before  " * sorry , I am quite a frog under the coconut shell - the malay saying " katak di bawah tempurung "  ) I asked the lady what is the name of the looks like a mango from far.  She told me her customer told her that it is called  'dragon fruit ' and originated from Australia but this batch of fruits are grown on Malaysia soil.  I was surprised that I have never seen this kind of fruit being sold at any fruit shops. Out of curiosity, I bought two back for our dessert.  And surprisingly , it turned out sweet and the texture and the taste are exactly like those of the persimmons.  Could this fruit be persimmons !!!  Could the lady be wrong???  So I need you guys to tell me what fruit this is.  I really want to know the name of this fruit :)  I would appreciate it very much if anyone out there reading this post can enlighten me on this fruit....:))))

Have a nice day and don't forget to leave me a comment with the name of the fruit and thank you in advance :)


  1. Hi, I don't know the name of the fruit, but the flesh do like persimmon.

  2. Elin,
    I suspect this is a white sapote.
    Casimiroa edulis
    Although I've never seen this, but it sent me on a google frenzy trying to identify this fruit. Haha.
    The pictures shown are all green, but it is said that when ripe, it turns yellowish.

    another link with ripe fruits

  4. I believe it's called Abiu, a fruit from South America.

  5. Yummylittlecooks....I am also puzzled to the actual name of the fruit :(

    Wendy...hey u still around..thot you will be preparing for the birth now :p Mister R will be a good baker too when he grows looking at food blogs all the time :))) Thanks, I shall look up the links and see what it says.

    Ping...oh...I shall check it out...thanks!

  6. Elin,
    Hey, yeah, it does look like Abiu.
    I was oredi suspecting it's from the family of sapotes due the look of the seed. Ping's really geng to know this fruit.
    Did you reserve the seed? Planting any?