Monday, May 2, 2011

Baked Cheesecake With Passion Fruit Ice Cream Topping

The Piggies came back for their long weekend break last Friday . Knowing them so well, I know this is the most asked question by them after dinner " what is for dessert ? "  "p  I kept some of my homemade passion fruit ice cream for them as dessert and I baked their favorite classic cheesecake to go with the ice cream. Perfect match and the passion fruit ice cream was a good accompaniment for the cheesecake ! Don't you agree with you  :)

It is a refreshing dessert that everyone love . We had a lovely family get together after a month of not having seen each other .  I served them this dessert with their favorite hot nescafe thereafter and one of the topic that we talked about was of course the wedding of Prince William !!!  Bringing back memories of our beloved Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles...the fairytale wedding.  A toast to the newly weds !  May their marriage be  a marriage made in heaven :)))  and with this live viewing of the Prince's marriage,everyone is in the ' I do ' mood :p and I pray that my Piggies...may they find the right partners later in life . I know that I may sound anxious here but truly a mother's love is a actually a prayer for their children, career and their marriage all must be packed into a prayer package to God EARLY  !   * wink

this classic baked cheesecake was a bit over baked
a request by WB...he loves the lightly burned top

the ice cream was starting to melt.....slurp slurp

the hot weather melts the ices before I can take a bite of it
after the photoshoot :p

Click here for the baked cheesecake


here  for the passionfruit ice cream

Have a wonderful day and hope this dessert will fill your days
with happiness :))


  1. How not to drool? Haven't taken my breakfast yet, don't mind stealing a bite!

  2. I love love love cheesecakes and this looks amazing !

  3. I want both! Cannot wait to try the passionfruit ice cream...drool..drool..

  4. Elin, lucky piggies! The cheesecake looks PERFECT...and what a treat to top it with a fabulous, homemade ice cream :)

  5. elin, not too long joanna will be bringing her prince back to come and meet you! another lucky guy who gets to eat your cakes!

  6. Oh yum, this looks amazing! I love the idea of ice cream sitting on top of a piece of delicious cheesecake. Yum!

  7. home made ice-cream and cheesecake - what time are you serving dessert so I know not to be late

  8. I've actually never paired cheesecake and ice cream could I miss out on this wonderful combo? Awesome job with this dessert.