Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fruity Sundae

The weather is killing ! Scorching hot in the day and heavy shower at night.  The weather is at extreme. Ice cream in the freezer is also finishing fast LOL! Wild Boar and myself have been tucking in these sweetness to cool down. Well, that is a lame excuse but these truly cheers us up...and make the hot day bearable.  We have to slurp them down fast for the ices melts faster then you can imagine LOL!

Wild Boar's share without the strawberries..he hates them

he likes the Coco De Nata though and mix fruits....;)

this is mine...with strawberries and mix fruits and coco de nata

I am thinking of getting an  ice cream maker ' Kenwood IM128 ' but not sure whether it will be user friendly , I read reviews on it and it entails quite a lot of work. Meaning have to freeze the ice cream bowl for 24 hours then it takes another 3/4 hour to churn, then have to freeze again for a few hours before you can start savoring them :(    Still scouting for one that is not so troublesome.  Of course the one that comes with refrigeration will costs a lot of money.  This Momsie is still thinking...maybe I will get the Kenwooe IM128 . It costs only RM299 .   I hope you guys can enlighten me if you have one at home , and tell me whether this model is good  for that price ??  I appreciate it if you can leave your thoughts on the comment box regarding this model :)

Kenwood IM128

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  1. Can't imagine anyone not liking fresh strawberries ...
    I did try to find ice cream makers for home use and this kenwood model seems to be the only reasonable one. The others are over 1K and quite bulky. And I figured I probably won't be using it very often since there's never enough space in my freezer for the oh-so-bulky tub ... so that idea has been put on hold until something better comes along.

  2. Hi Elin- This sundae looks refreshing and delicious. I never heard of coco de nata but I'm sure I would like it. We love our ice-cream maker and use it all summer :)

  3. I don't own an ice-cream maker too. I think the one you mentioned about is quick nice and the price is reasonable as well. I also wonder if anyone own one too.

  4. Kenwood is a great brand! My..i need that fruity Sundae!

  5. Elin, yummy fruity sundae! I want!! Oh now you get me go looking for the ice cream maker! My Quay Lo eats ice cream almost everyday so this is truly spending his money to save for him. LOL!

  6. Ping...I was thinking abt that too..need a space in the fridge :( and I am not sure whether the motor will be noisy hahaha I heard some model, the motor can be quite noisy :) So I am scouting around for a more silent one. Thanks for your thoughts on this :)

    Lora...over here the weather is hot and humid all through the year so ice cream is a daily concern :p Coco De nata is a kind of coconut jelly which is very chewy...love the texture. You may be able to get them in tin from the Asian grocer :)

    Kristy....I want a good one that is not too pricey coz I will be making just for the two of us. The Piggies are away and comes back not very often unless it is sem break :)

    Wenn....yea I know Kenwood is a good brand so I am still thinking about it whether they will have a better model :) So I do need someone to tell me which is a better one :)

    Veronica....yea I was thinking about your friend each time I go shopping for things. Truly spending his money to save for him LOL! It will apply in our case and no guilt on us :p

  7. hi Erin,
    the fruit sundae sounds like a great treat these days here too. Never heard of Coco De Nata but I love coconut and I'm pretty sure I'd love this one too. next time I visit the international grocery store I'm going to ask if they carry it.
    As for the ice-cream machine, I don't have one for fear that's the only thing we would eat all summer long LOL

  8. HI Roxana....yea many people have not heard of it but it is a great jelly made from coconut. Has a chewy texture. Haha over here the weather is so hot so it will be great to have an ice maker...we can control the sweetness and we can have yoghurt ice cream and any fresh fruits flavor we desire :) So it is good to have one and i am thinking of getting one instead of having to go thru the old fashioned method :)

  9. we were having the same heat wave here, it finally cooled off...your sundae certainly looks like a great way to cool down, add extra strawberries to mine please!
    Good luck with your ice cream maker!