Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am indeed honored to receive this " The Versatile Blogger " Award from Kimberli  of What's cooking?  She not only honored me this award for one of my blog but two of my blogs !!! Thank you Kimberli...I am super happy to accept it :))

As I accept this award I must note the rules ( this goes for all who receive this award as well ) . You must thank the person who awarded you by linking back to their post, you have to say 7 things about yourself and last but not least, you have to pass the award down to 15 other new or newly discovered blogs .

Are you ready to know another 7 interesting things about Elin ?   ^ *  ( I received many awards and I have written 7 things about myself many times and now I have to rediscover myself again...Lol !)  hope this is interesting to you

7.   I love to try out new recipes from books I bought to the dismay of the Piggies clan :p Wild Boar famos line " Why can't you stick to your own recipe that the kids like to eat ? "

6.   I love to crap nonsence lately to the dismay of my readers :P I have just started another new blog to crap on things that make me happy besides food - My Knick Knacks  So , if my post doesn't make sense at all...please excuse Elin - she has succumbed to the ageing factor !

5.  I love hot stuff...chilli is a must have side condiment in my food ( my secret chilli dipping - mix together chopped basil leaves, chopped garlic and chopped chilli with light soy sauce - this goes well with noodles or baked fish )

4.  I can be a Kind Momsie and feed my kids with the best food and supplement and yet can be the Wicked Momsie alive....I tease them with my virtual food on my blog till they salivate over their keyboards : ) (  Elin can sometimes be such a wicked Momsie to her Piggies )

3.  I only use two types of oil for my cooking -  Grapeseed oil and olive oil  - one can take heat and the other just can't .  You can say I am an extremist but both are good for health :) so this extreme sides of me is good afterall :)

2.  I can save on anything but not on food , kitchen accessories and cookbooks. I love them and that is my only weakness ! I can stay away from all temptations but not those lovely cookbooks and kitchen accessories.   Wild Boar know that and my Piggies know that.  You can guess what I get from them each year for my birthdays and Mother's Day !

1.  I talk with my two dogs everyday without fail and my neighbor thinks I am mad or overly romantic for I coo and call them ' Baby and Darling '  ( WB asked why I never coo and call him Baby and darling) So I told him this " coz you are not a dog :p  you are a wild boar "   

Now I would like to pass the award to ..........

1.  Mary - One Perfect Bite
2.  Roxan - Sweet Shanti
3.  Elisabeth - food And Thrift Finds
4.  Kristy - My Little Space
6.  Cheah - No-Frills Recipes
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11. Veronica - Quay Po Cooks
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14. Maja - Sitno Seckano
15. YummyLittleCooks - Yummy Little Cooks

Thanks Kimberli for the award ....I am truly honored :)

*         *        *


  1. Congrats on your award! My husband is appalled that I coo at my pup too. They are like little babies, how could you not coo?

  2. Congrats! You really are a versatile blogger! I've recently made your kimchi and will be posting it soon and, of course, give you the honorable mention.

  3. Hi Elin-Loved reading your cute, and funny post about talking to your two dogs...I also talk to Lora's two little doggies, and to my son's, and of course to my two kitties. We have a perfect understanding, and as a matter of fact my cats, practically have a conversation with funny!

    Congratulations on the Versatile blogger award...well deserved. So sweet of you to pass it on to me, as well. Thank you, it's such an honor!

    BTW-You are most welcome to join us for dinner, when you get a chance to come to S.Florida:DDD

  4. Bridgett...thanks. Men don't understand us women...we love to talk to animals and dogs do respond well :) I coo over them , calling baby and darling so much that the man of the house is jealous :p

    Ping...thanks , will be looking out for it :) Hope you really enjoy making your own kimchi now. I love them and will be making again :) are welcome to the award :) and yea...dogs and kittens are the most adorable creature. They connect well with us :P

    Ohhh thanks I will surely let you know when and if I can step foot on S.Florida :DDD and you have to cook more for I can eat lots :)

  5. Thanks so much Elin ! We've never gotten an award before. This looks like a lot of fun ! Thanks again !

  6. Congrats!

    Thank you for thinking of me...that was very sweet.