Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Walnut Loaf

After having tried making the Almond Cranberry Bread  , recipe by Alex Goh,  WB and myself are hooked to this bread. I have make it many times for our much so that it has become a household bread ! :)  Seriously it is good, can be taken alone or you can brush some butter on it..mmmm over a cup of Ipoh white coffee .....yummy. I tweaked it a bit to give it a different flavor but using the same basic recipe. I used walnuts solely with no cranberry or apricot.   This mini loaves are so healthy and guess what loaf pans I used ............

Yea....... mini loaf pans from Silicone Moulds .com - Sarah Jane    I bought it when Jo was in UK and I love the vibrant colors...sweet orangey red.  Cute little mini pans. 

Light and easy them all....

Alex Goh's gelatinized method.....soft texture inside and
crispy and crunchy nutty on the outside.....

you can see the walnuts peepin' out when
you cut a slit across the proofed bread :)

sprinkles more walnuts on top for a more
crunchy and nutty crust.....

 the aroma of
freshly baked wafting out of the oven

you can guess the WB can't wait to chomp them down
with his nescafe when the loaves were out of the oven
but it needs to be cooled down before savoring them :p

Help yourself to these deletable loaves ...
but make your own hot coffee...
virtual eating is even more healthy...:P
just kidding...I am in the mood to clown around...can ?

Click here for the recipe , just omit the cranberries and apricots
use walnuts instead of almonds..................

Enjoy and have a nice day !

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To all my readers and friends who have dropped by to read my lastest post

* I have re-upload this post again had maintenance done on 5/12/2011
and all my posts from 5/12/2011 had been removed together with all
you sweet comments.  I am so sorry for those of you who has left me sweet and 
kinds words.  I could not retrieve back the post and comments. But I would like to 
sincerely thank all of you for all the encouragement rendered to me by 
your continous support.

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  1. I also had baked two walnut loaves yesterday, but using water roux method. Love your mini loaf pans, i think it is more easy to handle.

  2. Oh, these look so yummy! And the more I see these silicone molds, the more I want some!

  3. Elin, I love your bread moulds, just small enough to fit in a small bread loaf :)

  4. I love your silicone moulds looks so easy to clean! and not stick too huh!

  5. I love these mini loafs! look delicious! gloria

  6. The loaf looks so tasty! What is white coffee???

  7. Hey Elin

    your mini loafs look lovely. Love the walnuts within the bread.

    May I borrow the photos for the show presentation ?

    I've got something for you to try out too.... if you would like to that is. Send me an email if you have the time.