Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seaweed Muffins

I have so many recipe books that at times , I tend to overlook those that I bought many years ago.  Newer ones were placed at the bedside table and the older ones placed on the shelf  neglected. Yesterday was a holiday and I did a spring cleaning on my books after the kids left for KL and found this long forgotten cake and pastry book in one corner of the shelf . Flipped through it and I found that this seaweed muffins recipe with the picture looks appealing and I knew I would love to have it for my breakfast the next day.  I gathered all the ingredients and set to baking it at 11.30pm . I bake at odd hours of the day...either very early in the morning or late in the night when everyone is fast asleep in the neighborhood.  I bake better when everyone off to dreamland. I love the quiet still night and maybe it is the cooler weather that makes me bake better :p  Alright I am crapping......crapping is one way to de-stress one self , for me I guess ...I miss my Piggies so please bear with me :p

I used Sarah's silicone friand mold and some extra aluminium foil cupcakes mold for making these muffins.  I kind of love the ingredients that make up this muffins....first , the use of shortening and icing sugar attracted me to want to try this out. The desire to want to know the outcome...whether the texture is soft , moist or hard is so great and thus the urge to make them :p  It turned  out great and I love the springy like but yet moist texture of this muffins. The aroma of bacon bits and seaweed wafting from the oven woke up the wild boar and he had his share at 12am a very early breakfast I guess...I took took one ...too hard to resist them since they came out so fragrant  :)  The seaweed powder I bought was from the 100Yen shop and it makes the muffins special and fragrant.  These muffins are light unlike those classic muffins are more compact.   Love it and WB is oinking for more and smsed me to add more bacon to it :)  * I am smiling as I am typing this post out....as I seldom want to repeat making them unless they are a keeper and these muffins are indeed a keeper though.  I guess I have to add in more bacon bits for WB the next time I make them :)

for the extra batter, I scooped them into small
aluminium foil cupcakes mold......... and extra the bacon bits and
seaweed powder for topping........love the seaweed powder

love the fragrant and the friand shaped of these muffins
I am now hooked with this friand silicone molds besides
the heart shaped ones............

see how beautiful the puff out is....

I am now hooked with using Sarah's silicone mold and I hope to
get some of her lastest product when Josh
goes over to UK mid year 2012  :p

these round cupcake shape are adorable too....
smaller in shape and I took to office for
Claire and her colleague.......lucky woman....
next time , I will make her come over and do the washing up
for me and be my slave for an hour :p

after the photoshooting, WB and myself helped ourselves to these
piping hot muffins.......bad to eat before sleeping but could not
resist them......can you when it is so springy light and fragrant ??

mouthwatering muffins for Claire, Kong and WB
and I kept two for my own breakfast at the office....with
a cup of light cereal drink :)

Seaweed Muffins


100 gm butter
100 gm shortening

100 gm icing sugar * I reduce to 60 gms

4 eggs - beaten

(D) combine all these ingredients together
120 gm superfine flour - sieve
100 gm almond meal
1/2 tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp seaweed powder
30 gm ham * I use bacon bits
50 gm cheddar cheese - diced

extra bacon bits and seaweed powder for topping


Preheat oven to 180 deg C.

Whisk (A) till light yellow, add in (B) and whisk till fluffy,slowly add in (C) in four parts till well incorporated .  Add in (D) in three parts till well mixed ( remember do not over mixed the batter ) Quickly add in the bacon bits /ham and diced cheese till well mixed into the batter.  Scoop into baking molds of choice to 80% full and sprinkle extra seaweed powder and bacon bits as topping . Bake at 170 deg C for 18-20 minutes or till evenly browned and cooked. 

Enjoy and have a fun filled day.....
enjoy food like it is our last day....


  1. Seaweed muffin is new to me.And , it looks yummy!My kids love seaweed, so will try to make this.Thanks for sharing.:)

  2. Hey, this is interesting. Good idea to bake in the Friand mould and that's a reminder for me to make use of my mould too.

  3. that smell must be heavenly that woke mr boar up in the middle of the nite! sounds delicious and special to me, we can never get this from outside!