Thursday, June 30, 2011

Desserts @ Delicious , Mid Valley Mall

Top clockwise...Red Velvet Cupcake, Traditional Chocolate Cake,
Chocolate Cake With Mint Frosting and bottom one is the
awfully sweet Chocolate Brownies

After the main meals, we ordered some cakes for desserts.......they have some mouth-watering cakes...sinfully rich but who is a day we want to forget about calories and sugarless diet ! LOL!  Birthdays and special occasions like Mother's Day and Father's Day and Anniversaries are times when we just want to tuck in these delectable desserts and pamper our sweet desires :p   

Delicious has some very good cakes and I wish I had some space in the stomach to try out their other mouth watering cakes....I will leave that for the next visit since I will visiting and meeting up with Jo and Josh there quite often.

Jo 's choice - Red Velvet Cupcake with cheese frosting.... with a subtle rose essence fragrant.  RM6.90 for a piece of red velvet cupcake :)

Momsie Elin's choice - Traditional Chocolate Cake with chocolate sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream...mmmmm love the rich chocolate sauce and the cake itself was not sweet...the chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream was a perfect accompaniment for the cake.  Love chocolatey :)  Thumbs up for this piece of heavenly cake :)

Josh and Elaine ordered the Chocolate Brownies With Chocolate Sauce and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream....awww this brownie cake was so awfully sweet that Josh and Elaine could not finish eating it :p

Kristy's choice - Chocolate Cupcake with Mint Frosting.....refreshing and the mint frosting goes well with the chocolate cake..... Wild Boar was too full to participate in these sinfully rich desserts. He just look and see us eat :p  After the tucking in these desserts,   time for some shots and we were all so happy to pose for the camera.....the chocolate truly makes us happy.......LOL!

Josh with the two lovely wonder
he is so happy :p

Momsie Elin, Joanna & Kristy -
three lovely young ladies..ahem !!
 of course the one on the left
is the eldest of the three young ladies LOL!

Elaine, Josh and Wild Boar......
there is a saying - three is a crowd here.....
WB what are you doing there ? :p

Anyway...we had a wonderful day together and thank you Kristy and Elaine 
for your presence here with us on Jo's birthday lunch.  Looking forward to
another meet up in November....yea someone's birthday coming soon :)

*           *            *


  1. Oooh those desserts look so good! I think I'd lean towards the chocolate cake with that chocolate sauce if I were there =)

  2. Oh, my! That looks amazing! I would be on total sugar over-load buzzing around the place like a bee!

  3. thank you so much for sharing those incredible desserts with us, I'm with you on your choice! and thanks for sharing those great images, I do feel like were old friends and its so nice to see you in one of the pictures!

  4. Peggy...hahaha ya forget about calories . Chocolate is my best friend when it comes to eating dessert in restaurant :)

    Ann....haha yea that's right me too :)

    Piggy Dennis....yesss we are old friends *wink