Sunday, June 19, 2011

Heart Shape Konnyaku Fruity Jelly For Father's Day

I made this heart shape fruity jelly for Father's Day on behalf of my Piggies for their dad :)  A beautiful way to express our love for WB, a dad who helps shelter us from storm weathers....a dad who helps to troubleshoot our computers which we can't do without, a dad who helps solve sticky situations we face each day, a dad who helps cook when the Momsie is busy with work and a dad who chauffers us around when we needed him and a dad who provides our daily needs.  " Thank you Wild Boar for being there for us when we are feeling down and rejoices with us when we are happy !   This fruity jelly is for you......from us Piggies ....the heart shape symbolize our love and the fruits symbolize happiness and the sweetness of this jelly brings happiness to you all the days of your life.


I love this heart shaped silicone molds - from !!!!  They make beautiful heart shape jellies and cakes.  I bought them when Jo was in UK.  She lugged them back for me when she came home last November and I have not used them till now. Love the pink color of the molds and beautiful :)  I bought two of these molds for my friend Gertrude - " Gert, wanted to surprise you with these ..but after this post it is not a surprise anymore, so incase you want to buy silicone molds, don't buy this heart shaped ones .. for now have a peek at your gift :)) "

I used fruits like grapes, kiwis and strawberries for the jellies.  Using instant jellies like the konyaku makes it easier and time saving.  A packet of  konnyaku powder - 250 gm ( honey melon flavor ) and 1250 ml of water are all that is needed for making these cute fruity konnyaku jellies.  This fruit flavor goes well with the fruits I have chosen.  Love the color of the is a joy to eat them chilled. So refreshing especially on hot humid weather. WB enjoyed it very much...he was first attracted by the vabriant colors of the fruits and the chewy texture of the jellies makes it more exciting :p chew and chew and thing about this konnyaku jelly, it is chewy and I like the chewy texture.  Not only WB loves it, children loves it too !

Wishing all Daddies out there Happy Father's Day
and have a wonderful day with your family !!!

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  1. Thanks mom for making this on our behalf :) and Happy Fathers Day to dad as well :)

  2. Happy Father's Day to your WB and thank you so much for the silicon moulds. You are always so thoughtful!!

  3. I love the mould! your jelly looks good! :)
    Happy Father's Day to yr hubby! :)

  4. To members of my "Pig Sty",
    A father's work does not end as long as he gets to see another sunrise ... and as your Earthly Father I too will say, I Shall Never Leave you nor forsake you... Daddy

  5. come friendship day, get me these moulds too! LOL!!

  6. are welcome :) a treat would be fine for me :p

    Gertrude...hahaha you are welcome :) Can't wait for you to back :)

    Jean Soo...the molds are so cute and what more silicone too :)

    WB...yea :p rite ? :)

    Tiffany...yea perfect for the occasions :)

    Lena...hahaha yea hopefully my boy wants to lug it back :p