Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manhattan Lemon Cheesecake At Classmates Reunion

We used to have our meet up each time our ex classmates are back from either outstation or those who are already settled overseas.  Most of them love cheesecake , so to make things easy, I will bake just cheesecake for our meet up . A simple cheesecake - Manhattan Lemon Cheesecake which I learned from the baking classes I attended sometime back.  Most of them love this cake. I would make it a point to bake them this tangy cheese cake,  unless I could not make it to the meet up,  then they will go without any dessert :p  Haha they will not miss me but they will miss the cake.......LOL! just kidding here. They miss me more coz they have just found me...the lost sheep so I am precious.  35 years and finally I am the last sheep they managed to   gather back :)   Read on to see some of our meet up and see how much we have changed over the years.......

Here are some photos which I took of our meet up at different times of the year . These are the little things in life that makes me happy...seeing all my ex classmates again after so many years since we lost touch 35 years and it is through Facebook that we found each other back :)

Can you spot me ?   This was taken in 1976 after our Form 5 :)  
 Many of us look the same...age gracefully ...
.hahaha that is why we are able to recognise each other :)

Hope you enjoy this post.......

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  1. Elin, could you share the recipe, your cheesecake look so mouthwatering! Are you the one stand at the right of the black & white photo? hehehe..

  2. Sonia....keep guessing, I was without spectacles then :p heehee you guess again ?

  3. You are the one on the right (second row) next the the Indian lady. FB is great and it too got me connected with a few long lost friends.

  4. Gertrude...hahaha yea..that is me. You are so good at spotting me or I looked the same ? haha of course older now :p yea..FB is good in a way too besides getting connected to new friends but also searching for long lost friends :)

  5. i couldnt spot you until i read your comments!who would have thought that girl turns out to be a great chef?! is this a rich creamy type of cheesecake? i forgotten already!