Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mung Bean Biscuit / 'Tau Sar Piah '

The other day, Claire handed me a roll of Mung Bean Biscuits or  'Tau Sar Piah ' as known in the Hokkien language . She bought them when she was down in Penang to visit her son Andy.  It was a blessing for I did not prepare any desserts for WB that night and this ' Tau Sar Piah 'came in handy.  After our dinner , I served this mung bean biscuits and a pot of apple tea. It was delish and Penang is famous for its Mung Bean biscuits just like Ipoh is famous for its ' Charbroil Heong Piah ' . This biscuits saved me the trouble to prepare dessert for WB.

These biscuits are saltish the taste of it. The skin is fluffy and crispy at the same time. Imagine this with a cup of hot turkish apple tea...lovely.  My church friend , Miss Honey, went to Turkey last month and gifted me a packet Ali Baba Apple Tea.  Awww ... she is so thoughtful...knowing that I love apple tea, she bought a packet back. I prefer the one in sachet form as it is very convenient, just take a sachet and pour hot water over it and let it steep for a while before drinking. A flavorful tea..with a tangy apple taste.  Aromatic too.  A lovely tea to go with these biscuits :)  Thanks Honey and Claire for making this after-meal snacking possible :)

A wonderful after-meal the saltish sweet taste of the mung bean
and the crispness of the many layers of flaky skin of the biscuit skin....
this biscuit is famos in Penang and people who go to Penang will
not hestitate to buy back home some of these famous 'tau sar piah '

And sincere thanks to Claire and Honey for the gifts :)


  1. Elin, at first I thought you made these! hahaha... I want to try making this & the heong beng some day when I'm more free.*sigh*
    Hope you're going to enjoy your trip.

  2. hahaa... like that also post up? paiseh.