Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Raspberry Ripples Ice Cream Sandwiches

Simple desserts can be mouth watering at times....for example -  raspberry ripples ice cream or any of your favorite ice cream ,  sandwiched within 2 slices of  savory crackers...mmmm a perfect after dinner treat :))  I am so going to make this again for after dinner treats when the Piggies are home for their sem break.  This little sweet heavenly after meal treat reminded  me of my childhood days !!!   Taking a bite of this would be enough to send me to heaven and back :p yes try it if you don't believe me.  A great hot hot summer treat for us :))

This has to be a fast work or the ice cream will melt before you can have a bite.  Cut the ice cream into 1/2 inch thickness to fit your crackers size..do a quick mental calculation....and sandwiched them fast with the thin crackers of your choice.   Savory ones would be great for this sweet delights.  Do not wait until you have finished the whole load....as soon as you have finished a few , quickly stored them in the freezer...so you can imagine how fast I work on them...even with the air con on the ice cream melts faster than I can cope.   Leave them in the freezer for 1/2 hours before you start to eat them......this treat will send you to heaven and back and you will want more.....Wild Boar likes surprises and this is one that really have him betwitched ! He asked for more........

Wild Boar and myself do enjoy having desserts after our dinner.  I like to spring surprises on him nowadays coz I have nothing better to do now that my Piggies are away in the city pursuing their dreams. 

I am glad,  I have all the time in the world to make delicate pieces of finger licking good ice cream sandwiches with the thinnest wafers or crackers I can find ..LOL !   Pop these delicate mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches into the mouth while watching our favorite movie is sheer paradise on earth.  

I am sure your family will enjoy this after dinner treat ....
I love it and even Wild Boar wants more....

Have a great day !

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  1. These are so pretty I might not want to eat them. Okay scratch that, I'll still eat them. Who could resist?! Yum Yum!

  2. I want some......after my confinement :)

  3. Very pretty sandwiches.....


  4. WOW! Cool! I need this, it is very hot here!

  5. Elin, these are beautiful sandwiches. They look cool and refreshing. A right proper summer dessert. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. YUmm..yumm..yumm... I am salivating here!

  7. These ice cream sandwiches are so cute and creative, Elin! They look so delicious and flavorful, too. Wonderful job on them, and thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful blog!

  8. Perfect. What a great treat idea.

  9. Heavenly treat...especially in the midst of our summer heat!

  10. I really want this now! did you make the ice cream yourself this time? have you decided on the ice cream maker?

  11. They do look good! Making your own ice cream sandwiches is always better, and I like the idea of putting the ice cream in between your favorite cookies or crackers!
    did i mention that piggy chef lovesssssss ice cream!