Thursday, July 21, 2011

Banoffee Sundae

Weather is hazy, HOT and rain for the past few days and it is horrible having to face the day sweating away .  Imagine ...even after a cold shower , I came out  sweating away.  The house air con in full blast...God alones know how much the electric bill will be this month  :(  this is the time I envy those living in cold countries :p   How to make myself feel better ? Yea... Banoffee Sundae that was in this month Flavour magazine came to the rescue.  The most important ingredient here is the butterscotch that I know how to make my own homemade butterscotch sauce...there will be more sundaes with Butterscotch sauce...lovely flavor and it truly make this sundae lips smacking good :)  It will truly appease the soul and mind of someone facing the hot humid weather ! ^ *

I didn't know how to make butterscotch sauce until today . Thanks to this month issue of Flavour Magazine that I know homemade ones are just as good . I am pleased to share with you on how to make your own butterscotch sauce.  You can use them on your sundaes or in your cuppies or in your pancakes...and  truly a  magical potion for this Banoffee Sundae :)  A great summer treat love them and even my WB loves it....never had such a nice homemade butterscotch sauce before....easy to whip up and will have your whole family eating their hearts out for it :)  All you need to make Banoffee Sundae are some bananas, digestive biscuits of your choice, vanilla ice cream , salted peanuts and of course the main attraction.... the butterscotch sauce !  For me , I used vanilla chocolate chip ice cream instead of plain vanilla ice cream....chocolatey , nutty and butterscotch good...mmmmm yummmy after this sinfully rich mind was appeased and was happy for the night until the next something yummy comes along.  I can't live without this and this can't leave me alone LOL!

Banoffee Sundae - Flavour Magazine July-August 2011 issue
by Debie Lee, Bisou Bake Soup

butterscotch sauce

100ml double cream
150 g golden syrup
50 g butter
50 g white sugar
75 g grown sugar
seeds of 1 vanilla pod
sea salt to taste

chocolate digestive biscuits, crushed
bananas, sliced
butterscotch sauce
vanilla ice cream
salted peanuts

To make butterscotch sauce :

Place the cream, golden syrup and butter in a pan and bring to boil, stirring. Add the sugar and boil for about 5 minutes or until thick. Stir in the vanilla seeds and season with salt.

To serve :

Place a layer of crushed biscuits in a sundae glass and top with banana slices and butterscotch sauce. Add a scoop of ice cream, another layer of butterscotch sauce, and finish with a sprinkling of salted peanuts.

~  Bon Appetit   ~

*           *            *


  1. It is hard to resist this ice cream with a great amount of toppings on a hot summery day. Yum!

  2. Omgosh this looks so good for a midnight snack ! I know !! Ice cream in the middle of the night ??!! But when my journals get dull and boring ... this would be a lifesaver !

  3. Any more left for me? Both the electric and water bills will rocket sky high this month ..

  4. I WANT BASKIN ROBBINS OR HAAGEN DAZS!! but for now, anything also can la... so hot weather! hahaha...

  5. Adoi.... menyeksa betul! Nak satu.
    Top with more nuts please.

  6. I have never had banoffee, heard about it many times, would love try sometime really soon. Sounds absolutely delicious

  7. You had me with the butterscotch sauce! YUM!

  8. Is not any better here. We are having heat index of 108 degree F. I wish I can have some of the ice-cream to cool me down :(

  9. that is one delicious sundae! I have never purchases chocolate digestives, I will have to give them a try! I love the butterscotch and once you learn how to make it you can make so many desserts sinful!
    Two thumbs up from piggy chef Dennis!(do pigs have thumbs?)

  10. Zoe...haha is hard to resist this ice cream with such good toppings :)

    Piggy Jo...PhD comes with lots of sacrifices...hahaha stock up a tub of ice cream and when you are bored , indulge in some sinful supper...good for the brains :) high but the weather is killing , so have to sacrifice something else for the use of air con :(

    Claire....haha I know you found a nice place to eat cheap Haagen Dazs :p

    Wendy....hahaha you make better ice cream than me...go go and share with us :)

  11. Three-Cookies....banoffee is actually an English pastry-based dessert made from bananas, cream, toffee from boiled condensed milk :) I love banoffee pie too.

    Lizzy...yea that is the star for this ice it!!!

    Gertrude...yea..this will cheer us up...sinful indulgence :) but I can't leave this butterscotch sauce alone...haha chomp down a tub of ice cream in 2 days :p

    Piggy Dennis...oink oink we ' trotters ' up then :) yea that butterscotch sauce is the star for this banoffee sundae...yea lots of sinful desserts coming :)

  12. I'm worried about the bill at the end of the month, but I still don't like to live in a cold area, imagine having your heat on more than 6 months a year!
    This banoffee sundae surely cools you down, now where's mine?

  13. That looks SO delicious! Butterscotch - GOOD butterscotch - is a think of beauty!

  14. Roxana...yea I guess so, either way the bill will be high :( well this butterscotch sauce on this banoffee will make us forget about the electric bill for the time being :p are so right...SO delicious...yummyumm

  15. What could be better on a hot day. That looks amazingly good!

  16. mamasgottabke.....thanks for dropping by. Yea good for a hot hot day :)