Monday, July 11, 2011

' Durian Sushi '

It is durian season again !!!  how could I not savor some this less but it is a must eat item in my menu :p  Bought some back and other than eating it in its original state, I make ' durian sushi ' using glutinous rice which is my favorite , instead of the sushi rice.  It is great to eat durian with glutinous rice.  Making them into sushi roll tasted even better, with the toasted nori  wrapping... I made this for dessert and I make sure we had a light dinner :p so that we can tuck in these heavenly durian filled sushi  LOL!  yea.... we are durian lovers :)   Most Malaysians love this thorny fruit.....I do !

Opening this thorny fruit can be quite difficult but WB is an expert when it comes to opening this thorny fruit, of course for the fact that he started eating this fruit since age four.  I trained my Piggies to eat durian at a young age and they love it.  And today , they are durian lovers.  Today I am going to make them drool over their keyboard with this durian sushi....the wicked momsie at work again LOL!   (  Jo told me she bought some last week from the supermart  )  so I guess she won't drool that much but maybe she may want to make some for her friends to try out.  She and myself love japanese sushi and now this durian sushi will be my first malaysian sushi ever...just kidding !

My colleague gave me a packet of glutinous rice from Thailand. They went over there for work and bought back some glutinous rice. Thailand is famous for their glutinous rice.  I really don't know what to do with them , thus since I have durians at home, I thought it was a great idea to use the rice and durian pulp for making sushi. And they turned out great.....WB and myself had a  wonderful dessert yesterday........only I will think of such dessert for WB ! LOL!

Durian Sushi


Cooked sushi rice
Durian pulp
Nori Sheet


Place a nori sheet on the sushi mat.  Level the glutinous rice evenly on the nori sheet...method is the same as making the classic sushi , after which place the durian pulp all over the rice and roll it tightly into a roll.  Cut into sushi sizes and serve chilled .

Have a wonderful day..... and for durian lovers, you can try
making sushi with them.....I am sure your family will love it :)

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  1. Elin, you're so creative! I saw people making durian cheecheongfun, durian fried rice and now you created durian sushi...hahaa...please reserve some for me :)

  2. wow..what sweet temptation is that!!! *run out to buy durian*

  3. How ingenious of you! I love durians too and have made some nice durian cream puff with them - but never thought of making sushi with them. Thanks for this recipe - hope I can give it a try one day.

  4. Elin, you are killing me!!! I wish I can be home now to eat all the DURIANS :)

  5. yeah, durians durians everywhere! You really hv so many food ideas! what's next? durian chapatti??

  6. *sulks in a corner. I want me some sushi too !!!

  7. Such a creative, beautiful dish....I love your pictures!

  8. Yummy what a great idea, this looks great! :)

  9. I haven't had durian since we were last in Thailand. The quality of this fruit in the U.S. is very poor and probably contributes to the bad reputation it has here. I loved the durian we had in Asia and your recipe sounds wonderful. You are very creative. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Anncoo...thanks :) do come to Ipoh, take u out to eat :)

    Claire...dun worry ...the season is just starting :)

    Mom2kiddos...thanks and do give it a is lovely...glutinous rice with durian...awww:)

    Gert...awww I am so sorry :) hopefully when u are back early next year, there is a season of it :)

    Lena...chappati with durians sounds great !!! LOL!

    Jo...dun sulks , Dad told me you had some from Tesco :p

    Ann...thank you so much for your nice words :)

    Kelly...hahaha thanks :)

    Mary...I am surprised you like durians. Yea, you can't find a good one in US. Only asia countries have them :)

  11. What a creative recipe! Never would have thought to put fruit into sushi like that!

  12. I alas am not a fan at all of Durians, granted maybe the ones who make it to Canada are not the best but the one I had held it's reputation odor wise. But I do love your creative sushi roll recipe, love the pics.

  13. ooo I love durian!! What a great idea, to make dessert sushi with it. I want to make this... soon!

  14. try fruit sushi , it is refreshing. I had mango sushi sometime back. It is delicious with fruits :)

    CEE...thanks :) some really can't stand the odor of durian but to the asians it is hevenly :))

    Looky Tasty...yea hope you like them rolled up in sushi :)

  15. ya, why not? Since there are people having durian to go with rice.

  16. Eli you are so creative using Durian as filling in sushi. I LOVE Durian but never made sushi with it. I will have to try your recipe! Check out my Durian icecream!