Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Konnyaku Mixed Fruit Jelly

The weather is and humid and with the added haze , with certain States where the reading shows alert.  We pray for heavy rain to come and meanwhile I make a quick and no fuss konnyaku for cooling off :) Throw in a can of mixed fruits and there you are...something to chew on while battling the hot humid weather of today.  This is so easy to prepare and WB and myself can chomp down 4 or 5 pieces of hearts konnyaku filled with mixed fruits :)

Yay! I finally get to use my fluted jelly mold ( remember... I bought a pair to make my fluted bread ) It is not sitting in a corner....used them to make this mixed fruit jelly and you know what  ? it is easy to cut too...just have to cut following the fluted lines and get equal thickness  !  Isn't it nice to serve this for dessert when there are guests for dinner.  I used the heart shape silicone mold to make cute little heart shaped jelly.  My sunday school kids love them in heart shapes and they will giggle over it..... I will be looking out for animals design molds for will  thrill them to bits and make coming to sunday school fun !!!  It is healthy snack for kids and in fibre and low in calories and it is found that it normalizes the level of cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure and normalizes the level of sugar in the blood. Because of these scientific findings, it has been perceived as a excellent health food in Japan.   I am a strong believer of ' everything in MODERATION '  no matter how healthy this can be :)  I love the chewy texture....chomp chomp yum!

Ingredients :

1 packet of flavored konnyaku powder - any flavor of your choice
1 can of mixed fruits - you can add in fresh fruit if you like
1250 ml water


Pour 1250 ml of water into a pot and whisk in the konnyaku powder , keep stirring the nixture
under medium low heat. When it is boils and the mixture turns clear, off the heat. 
Pour into jelly molds and add in fruits of your choice.  Once it is cooled, keep them in the
fridge . This can be prepared a day ahead.

Have a wonderful day :)

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  1. very nice and cooling for hot and hazy days like these

  2. Just right for the weather now. I too better make some this weekend.