Saturday, July 16, 2011

Soft Cheese Bread II - Peter Reinhart

As promised, I re-make Peter Reinhart's Soft Cheese Bread using BEER instead of lukewarm water .  Yea...I am fascinated by this man and his bread making using different applications.   There is so much to learn from his book - Artisan Breads Every Day.  This time round , I used beer and what do I noticed? Any difference ?? Yes.......

The beer shorten the proofing time and it adds fragrance to the bread ...not much difference in texture though, maybe slightly more moist than using water.  But definitely helps to shorten the proofing time.  Makes a lot of difference time and energy.   For this time, I added some homegrown  dill and added in chopped dried apricot for extra flavor and I mixed everything in without rolling into a roll  ( I noticed there ain't many pocket holes in the bread when the cheese are in bits form instead of grated ones )....gosh... it  was yummy good.....I can eat the bread alone without any jam or butter.  It was better than those store bought bread....and those that I can't finish the same day, I just have to warm them in the microwave for 20 seconds and it is just as good as fresh from the oven !

Recipe is the same as Soft Cheese Bread except this time,
 BEER replaces lukewarm water
and dill and dried apricot added to the recipe

Have fun making your own homemade bread :)

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  1. Love homemade bread! look beauty! gloria

  2. you stay so slim ah? The bread looks so yummy

  3. looks so soft! I have just used up my dried apricot for a yoghurt cake:(

  4. this is the second reference I have had to Peter Reinhart today, I am going to have to check out his books! The bread looks positively delicious!

  5. Most important is that they are good for health!! Carry on "breading", fren!

  6. can you taste beer in the bread?

  7. I loved cheese bread part 1 and I'm totally loving cheese bread part 2 tooooooo! :D

  8. Wow - looks delicious! I love that you try, try again! Beer with bread sounds amazing!

  9. Gloria...thanks for dropping by :)

    Kathy...hahaha I make the cake and share out the calories...that is why I can stay slim :p

    Jeannie....try is healthy bread :)

    Chef Piggy....if you love to make your own bread without the machine...his book will be a good buy. I love both his books :)

    Claire...more to come :)

    Lena...yes..the beer shorten the proofing time and a slight taste of makes the bread taste different...slight beer taste not much but you will know the taste is slightly different from using lukewarm water. will love all Peter Reinhart's recipe from the book :)

    Ann....I love trying out new things and like to discover the difference between beer and water in making bread :)

  10. Oh can't go wrong using beer. Love it!

  11. Briarose...yea you can't go wrong with beer as beer helps in the flavor and proofing of the bread :)

  12. lately I keep hearing about this bread master Peter Reinhart, I have to look into this book, sounds like a book I'll fell in love with.
    The bread looks fantastic Elin, thanks for sharing