Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purple Sweet Potato Bun With Red Bean Paste Fillings

I have two  purple sweet potatoes left in the fridge and I told myself  that I should try making some buns out of them and filled them with red bean paste....hahaha  you know I was thinking about it the whole day in the office....tsk tsk how to concentrate on work while the mind ran wild with what to cook/bake  first  :P  my to- do- list is getting longer each day until I can't decide what to make first everything looks nice...BUT since the sweet potatoes can't keep that long in the fridge, I decided to make these lovely buns first !  And not only they taste good but they look cute too....heart shaped ones  are such cuties :)))

Friday, August 26, 2011

Nyonya Ang Ku Kuih / Glutinous Rice Flour Cake With Bean Paste Filling

Nyonya Ang ku kuih or  glutinous rice flour cake with bean paste filling is a favorite dessert for the chinese nyonya in Malaysia and Singapore. Designed in the oval shape of a tortoise shell. Rest on a square piece of banana leaf is usually red in color as suggested by its name literally translated as ' red tortoise cake ' but  now comes with different colors to differentiate the different fillings like bean paste, seame and peanut and even new flavor like the durian has become popular.  Tortoise symbolizes longevity thus this cake is a must have item for birthdays and baby full moon celebrations.  But nowadays we do not have to wait till then to feast on them. It is sold everywhere at nyonya cake stalls all over the country and we can now make them ourselves.

I did not make this myself but my blogger buddy Lena of Frozen Wings made them and brought them over to the office specially for me and blessed are we to have her make these delicious nyonya kuih for us.  I have been hinting and hinting that how nice if someone were to make and send to office for me and she took the hint....Thank you Lena for your kind thoughts and have them sent  all the way from your home to our office . Claire and I definitely  feels your love....mmmmm  your purple ang ku was devoured in one eating inside Claire's car for we have to hide to eat these delicious kuih ..fasting month so we have to learn some respect and not eat in front of them :)  One Malaysia is respecting each other's cultures and beliefs !  :)))

Thank you Lena for these delicious purple color ' ang ku '  kuih ..
surely Claire and I will have LONGEVITY  !!!
and I am waiting for your recipe
don't let us wait too long :p

*            *            *

Monday, August 22, 2011

Plum Oatmeal Madeira Cake

I love anything with oats in it. Biscuits , cookies , muffins or cakes, I love them all with oats in it . It spelt healthy .I usually take a cup of  oats  every morning for my breakfast and I am happy with this routine intake of oats...happy because I am stuffing my body with  cholesterol free food and leaving some space for not cholesterol free food later  :p  What Wendy said in her post is true...when you say oats is one of the  ingredients...everyone will think it is healthy...but seriously this is a fruity healthy and a delicious cake !   Look how luscious it is and I can take 3 slices at one go and still crave for more....Believe me, after seeing mine you will want to make them yourself :p

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mango Yoghurt Chiffon Cake

I find making chiffon cake very challenging and intimidating at the same time . This is my third time making chiffon cake and I still finds it intimidating :p  I am still not satisfied with the result....but this time there is great improvement !  I am happy it did not collapse LOL!   It turned out moist yet light and fluffy with a slight mango fragrance ...mmmmm I shall make this again for sure.  I got hold of this recipe from........................................................

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dutch Apple Pancake With Butterscotch Sauce

Edited on 8/15/11 - this post made it to Foodbuzz Today's Top 9 :)

I 've got a sudden craving for apple pancake and  I thought it would be great to make some apple pancakes for our breakfast before leaving for church. I know I will have a long day service and a church luncheon thereafter , so it would be better a have something light .  Simple to make and taste good, this apple pancake is a keeper , and with the new batch of butterscotch sauce for making butterscotch bread later in the week , it was a great idea to eat this pancake with this sauce on it....yummy and guess what ?? WB and I had a wonderful and satisfying breakfast...this is a great change compared to the oats diet I normally have for breakfast !  * oink oinking away

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Durian Season Again !!! ^ *

It's durian season again and Piggy Jo bought back some durians from Broga, a village near Semenyih , for WB and seems Broga is famous for its durians . The durians pulps are thick and the seeds are small and flat...I took 3 seeds and I was already full.  She bought 10 fruits for us and since we could not finish it all by ourselves in a day , we opened up all the durians and store them in pyrex bowls and casserole bowls and cling wrapped them so that the fridge will not smell of durians..... well , I have plans to make some mouth-watering desserts with it and I am now searching for a good recipe since it is durian season, I am sure many food bloggers will put up some great recipes using this King Fruit  :)  Jo , thanks for the durians...we loved it ^*

The taste of these durians are bitter sweet...lovely!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Japanese Coffee Swiss Roll

I was searching for some Japanese desserts on YouTube and came across this easy to whip up Coffee Swiss Roll baking involved and gosh it was the most interesting item I came across.  Making a swiss roll using a  frying pan !!!! Gosh...  I need to make it straight away since I have the ingredients ...watching it online makes it so much simpler though I don't understand a word of Japanese LOL!  I should have taken up japanese language as a third language while in school !   Now the brains doesn't work fast , so learning Japanese now may be tough , though at times I think 25 !  Japanese called this ' rolled-cake' . Watch this video clip and you tell me whether you are sold !

Monday, August 8, 2011

French Toast With Butterscotch Sauce & Strawberry

I used up all the balance of the butterscotch sauce for this french toast and now it is time to make another load of it for future use :p  It is addictive...I love the homemade ones.. it has a natural buttery caramel.fragrant .  It is easy to make your own butterscotch sauce...and you can make cake frosting with them, topping for ice cream, crepes and on french toast. As what Chef Dennis said to me...more dessert will be coming with this yummy homemade butterscotch true !!! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mint Chocolate Chips Ice Cream Dressed With Strawberries

I hope you are not sick of my strawberry tales....since I am still on the subject of strawberry and Cameron Highlands , this is how I used up the strawberries I bought.  Whoa...this is what makes WB and myself deliriously happy....after food lips smacking dessert.. cream either store bought or homemade will be fine with me, especially topped with lots of crushed nuts and butterscotch sauce and dressed up with one's favorite fruit...mmmmm it was ...a.three words sentence  " HEAVEN ON EARTH " !!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strawberry Paradise @ Green Views Garden, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Strawberry is one fruit that I love eating through out the year be it sweet or sour , and I guess Piggy Jo got  this liking from me . She must have everything with strawberry in it.  Biscuits with strawberry cream must be strawberry flavored and even milkshakes must have strawberry in it what more cakes....when she was younger, I asked her what cake she would like for her birthday and she will be quick to answer...strawberry cake or fruit flan with lots of strawberries in it LOL!   I should have bought a house in Cameron Highlands so that I can grow strawberries for her....then she can have salad with strawberry too :) Do you know that strawberry infused with balsamic vinegar is fantastically good and yummy ! * I know many of you will have your eyes rolling backward :p