Monday, August 8, 2011

French Toast With Butterscotch Sauce & Strawberry

I used up all the balance of the butterscotch sauce for this french toast and now it is time to make another load of it for future use :p  It is addictive...I love the homemade ones.. it has a natural buttery caramel.fragrant .  It is easy to make your own butterscotch sauce...and you can make cake frosting with them, topping for ice cream, crepes and on french toast. As what Chef Dennis said to me...more dessert will be coming with this yummy homemade butterscotch true !!! 

I used them for my french toast ,  ice cream and crepes.....I love the sweet scent of this buttery fragrant caramel :)  mmmm for the time being you can enjoy with me this delicious french toast with homemade butterscotch sauce....and garnish with fresh sweet succulent strawberries :)  One word YUMMY ! A tasty and delicious breakfast and you can serve this for your late supper with a scoop of ice cream of your choice :)  LOVELY !

I don't mind having this for my breakfast every day :p really it is the most delicious one especially when one is on oats diet every morning :p  The star in this breakfast is not the strawberry, but the butterscotch sauce that went well with the french toast. Shhhhh....even WB tucked them in hungrily :)  And I made some for my buddy, Claire.  I am sure she enjoyed it as much as I do.  This make a great breakfast for her as compared to  her daily oat diet...she takes oat every morning for a healthy me!

French Toast With Butterscotch Sauce & Strawberry 

4 slices of wholemeal bread

    3 egss - whisk together with milk and salt
    2 tbsp of low fat milk
    a pinch of salt

    butter or olive oil

    homemade butterscotch sauce ( click here for the recipe )
    4 fresh strawberries - cut into halves


   Whisk eggs together with salt and low fat milk till well blended.  Dip the slices of bread one at a time in  
   the egg mixture till well coated.
   Heat up a non-stick grill pan . Add a tsp of butter and place a slice of bread and pan fry till both sides are
   golden brown.  Dish up and repeat till all the 4 slices are ready for serving.
   Drizzle the top with homemade butterscotch sauce and garnish with the strawberry. Serve it hot with a
   cup of hot coffee.

*            *            *



  1. This looks delicious, thanks for sharing the butterscotch sauce.

  2. few weeks go i bought butterscotch spread from indulgence, a tiny little bottle costs around RM8.00. thanks for sharing the recipe on the butterscotch sauce earlier.

  3. Elin, you sold me with the butterscotch sauce! What an amazing breakfast...yum!

  4. What a perfect way to start out your morning! This looks splendid!

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  6. Love the idea of butterscotch on french toast! What a great idea!

  7. French Toast AND Butterscotch? Be still my beating heart!

  8. Oh yea.......this is how I want to start my day. So good.