Thursday, August 11, 2011

Japanese Coffee Swiss Roll

I was searching for some Japanese desserts on YouTube and came across this easy to whip up Coffee Swiss Roll baking involved and gosh it was the most interesting item I came across.  Making a swiss roll using a  frying pan !!!! Gosh...  I need to make it straight away since I have the ingredients ...watching it online makes it so much simpler though I don't understand a word of Japanese LOL!  I should have taken up japanese language as a third language while in school !   Now the brains doesn't work fast , so learning Japanese now may be tough , though at times I think 25 !  Japanese called this ' rolled-cake' . Watch this video clip and you tell me whether you are sold !

This coffee swiss roll is ideal for me...just the right sweetness . I tweaked the recipe a bit by adding Baileys Irish Cream to the whip cream and replaced instant coffee to instant was so good...nescafe flavored swiss roll  goes well with the Baileys flavored cream filling and the strawberries makes it lips-smacking good.  Great dessert for us.  No butter or oil involved so it is a very healthy dessert. I used non-dairy cream , not sweet , and the Baileys in the cream filling makes it a winner alright :)

I did not do a good job on the rolling though...I sucked at it so please excuse the unsightly rolled cake :p but the taste is fantastic !!!  The swiss cake is light soft and fluffy . WB and myself have three helpings ..... I was watching the Korean drama and gorging myself on this delicious Japanese rolled cake.  Thumbs up or rather trotters up for the Piggies family LOL!

light and fluffy swiss roll.......

the texture is better than those baked ones..
Baked ones can be compact at times

Japanese Coffee Swiss Roll  ( Haruna's  Coffee Swiss Roll )

■For sponge cake

2 eggs (room temperature)
1-1/3oz (40g) sugar
1 oz (30g) sifted flour
1 tsp instant coffee
cooking oil
■For fillings

3-1/3 oz (100g) fresh cream (whipped)
1/2 Tbsp sugar
a dash of vanilla flavoring
5 strawberries (3 for dice, 2 for topping)

Watch the video clip for the full demo

Have a great weekend !


  1. Elin, I want to try this too! Looks so easy to make without baking. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. No butter and oil! Sounds like a healthy cake recipe to me!

  3. this is really interesting!! so glad to know of this method . thanks!

  4. yummy....errr....minus the strawberry can or not?

  5. that's baking.

  6. When I was in Japan I had something similar to this. I am now remembering how good it tasted

  7. I think my comment might have been lost in cyber space...I commented on this the day it was posted. Hmmmm....anyway I said something like:

    WOW-WEE!! This is SO cool! I watched the entire video - it was really interesting and this looks delicious!

  8. This is great! I really need to try this out but how long do you cook it for? (sorry, can't understand japanese either)

  9. Elin, just successfully made my first swiss roll. KIV this recipe for my next attempt. Your swiss roll looks very tempting.

  10. Elin, WOW, thank for sharing this. I have never thought I could make a cake in a frying pan!
    Can't wait to give it a try!

  11. Ping...sorry to reply your question late . Been busy with church activities. The cooking time is roughly abt 15-18 minutes under medium low heat. Cover pan with lid.