Friday, August 5, 2011

Mint Chocolate Chips Ice Cream Dressed With Strawberries

I hope you are not sick of my strawberry tales....since I am still on the subject of strawberry and Cameron Highlands , this is how I used up the strawberries I bought.  Whoa...this is what makes WB and myself deliriously happy....after food lips smacking dessert.. cream either store bought or homemade will be fine with me, especially topped with lots of crushed nuts and butterscotch sauce and dressed up with one's favorite fruit...mmmmm it was ...a.three words sentence  " HEAVEN ON EARTH " !!!!

This season , the fruits are big and sweet considering most of the time local strawberries are slightly sourish.  I chose the bigger ones for I know bigger ones are more appealing if to be given as gift to friends :)  The last few days , I have been eating this berry in my french toast , in my oats and in my ice cream. Sheer happiness...I wish I can have this sweetness all the month of August :))) then I shall tell you I had enough at the end of August :p  

Can you feel the delicious-ness of this mint chocolate chips ice cream with the rich thick fragrant butterscotch on your tongue....bursting with chocolatey, buttery caramel of butterscotch and minty flavor all at once...after which comes the crunch from the nuts and ending with  the sweet fragrant of strawberry.....let me tell you one more was so lips smacking good that I wish this ice cream indulgence will go on and on....don't worry , I shall work out the calories later :P   

Coming next will be the  French Toast .....hope you are not sick of strawberries 

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  1. No la, it can be sweet.
    If it's sunny, then it's sweet.

    Sun.. photosynthesis... sugar..

    If you buy year end, when it's always gloomy with rain clouds, then it'll be sour. No sun, no sugar :)

  2. Wendy...hahaha yea you are right, my science has gone back to my science teacher :p Lately the weather hot so no wonder the strawberries are sweet :) Thanks for the info :)

  3. i'm never tired of reading your stories. Hope strawberry last all month long so you can tell us you had enough :)
    Now, can I have fresh raspberry year round?

  4. yum! I love mint and strawberries!

  5. I love your statement,"I shall work out the calories later". Now do you mean you are going to work out to shed the calories later ;-)

  6. Strawberry is always yummy and blends well with ice cream....i love it....

  7. Roxana...thanks for your kind words, I feel encouraged by you always :)

    Ann...I do love mint and strawberries :)

    KL...yea..but it can also mean that I will eat first before counting the calories :P

    アンゼエリン has to be good for the ice cream :)

  8. Can't help salivating..... slurpppp!

  9. i love ice cream with strawberries. Cool..