Friday, August 26, 2011

Nyonya Ang Ku Kuih / Glutinous Rice Flour Cake With Bean Paste Filling

Nyonya Ang ku kuih or  glutinous rice flour cake with bean paste filling is a favorite dessert for the chinese nyonya in Malaysia and Singapore. Designed in the oval shape of a tortoise shell. Rest on a square piece of banana leaf is usually red in color as suggested by its name literally translated as ' red tortoise cake ' but  now comes with different colors to differentiate the different fillings like bean paste, seame and peanut and even new flavor like the durian has become popular.  Tortoise symbolizes longevity thus this cake is a must have item for birthdays and baby full moon celebrations.  But nowadays we do not have to wait till then to feast on them. It is sold everywhere at nyonya cake stalls all over the country and we can now make them ourselves.

I did not make this myself but my blogger buddy Lena of Frozen Wings made them and brought them over to the office specially for me and blessed are we to have her make these delicious nyonya kuih for us.  I have been hinting and hinting that how nice if someone were to make and send to office for me and she took the hint....Thank you Lena for your kind thoughts and have them sent  all the way from your home to our office . Claire and I definitely  feels your love....mmmmm  your purple ang ku was devoured in one eating inside Claire's car for we have to hide to eat these delicious kuih ..fasting month so we have to learn some respect and not eat in front of them :)  One Malaysia is respecting each other's cultures and beliefs !  :)))

Thank you Lena for these delicious purple color ' ang ku '  kuih ..
surely Claire and I will have LONGEVITY  !!!
and I am waiting for your recipe
don't let us wait too long :p

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  1. How nice to have such a wonderful friend. I wish I live nearby too and get to enjoy the kueh too. Lena, did you get the hint too ;) ;)

  2. Such beautiful purple turtles. My husband lived in Singapore for 2 years and traveled many times to Malaysia. He would like to go back for a visit. Many people from that part of the world have come here, to America, and have stayed with us...some have stayed in America. It is fun to see beautiful foods from all around the world. Thanks for visiting my blog. It has been fun to visit yours.

  3. Definitely a nice purple hue for Ang Ku Kuih :)

  4. Lucky you Claire! Those ang ku looks so pretty. I want to move to stay next door to Lena! hehe

  5. Gertrude & Veronica...yea, Lena is so sweet and lovely lady and she is also my first reader to call me at the market LOL! We became pally after that and then cakes and kuih were delivered to the office for us :)) and I also wish I live next to you and Gertrude :p is a pleasure to visit your blog. You have a great blog and I look forward to reading your posts :) yea, food brings people around the world you and me :)

    Tigerfish....yea she is good baker and cook :)

  6. i'm blushing already, friend! yeah, will post it up soon!

  7. deserve the praises :) and keep the food coming ya :p