Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strawberry Paradise @ Green Views Garden, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Strawberry is one fruit that I love eating through out the year be it sweet or sour , and I guess Piggy Jo got  this liking from me . She must have everything with strawberry in it.  Biscuits with strawberry cream must be strawberry flavored and even milkshakes must have strawberry in it what more cakes....when she was younger, I asked her what cake she would like for her birthday and she will be quick to answer...strawberry cake or fruit flan with lots of strawberries in it LOL!   I should have bought a house in Cameron Highlands so that I can grow strawberries for her....then she can have salad with strawberry too :) Do you know that strawberry infused with balsamic vinegar is fantastically good and yummy ! * I know many of you will have your eyes rolling backward :p

This is the first place we stopped when we were up in CH for our church retreat...Green View Garden, Brinchang...a place where they have a small strawberry farm,  flowers garden and a  cafe where strawberry cakes are sold there, and they have counters selling strawberry related strawberry milk and white chocolate with dried strawberry in it , sweet and sourish...mmmm yummy , they have strawberry vinegar etc etc...a strawberry paradise for strawberry lovers.  I bought RM20 worth of them fresh is nice for this season , the strawberries are sweet , surprisingly :) and big too.

The weather is cool and breezy and the air is fresh
 but somehow I thought I smell  pesticides in the air :p

*            *            *


  1. Same here. Strawberry in everything. From those biscuit rolls to ice cream. My hubby on the other hand, choc in everything. LOL.

  2. I have not been to CH for years, last time they do not have strawberries farm yet:P Love the look of the strawberries in their pots, how lovely to just pluck and pop one in our mouth:)

  3. smell pesticides? you scared me already, that's too much!LOL! not only stawberry cakes and chocs, there's are strawberries printed everywhere..umbrellas, pens,'s a strawberry town!!

  4. not really fond of strawberry but love looking at them LOL

  5. I thought you bought those strawberries home!

  6. My boys also love strawberry very much. Those strawberries look so pretty :)