Sunday, September 4, 2011

Barley With Gingko Nuts & Beancurd Skin

Weather is extremely hot lately . I decided to boil some barley with gingko nuts and beancurd skin sweet soup to cool down the body :)  WB and myself love this chinese sweet dessert . This is a very easy to prepare sweet soup and yet at times I am just too lazy to make them :p  To crack the nuts takes skill or the nuts will be mashed and to remove the brown skin from the gingko can be quite a task though and I think that is the reason why I seldom boil this sweet dessert eventhough I love it very much . 

Gingko nut is good for health ....helps to relief asthma and lungs congestion. It is mainly used as  memory and concentration enhancer. Just for this fact, I am sure I should consume more of these nuts ! :p  I prefer them still in their nuts rather than buying those canned ones.

Barley With Gingko Nuts & Beancurd Skin

Ingredients :-

1 small packet barley
2 pcs of beancurd skin - the type for making sweet soup
30 - 40 gingko nuts, removed of shell and skin
3 pandan leaves/ screwpine leaves , tie into a knot
Sugar to taste,
2 litre water


Wash the barley. Pour 2 litres of water into a big pot. Add in barley, gingko nuts and pandan leaves. Let it boil for about an hour.  Add in the beancurd skin and sugar to taste. Boil for 25 minutes till the beancurd skin is soft and broken up . Off the heat and serve either hot or cold.

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  1. goody...i drank once in Ipoh they repkaced the gingko with corn

  2. I love this dessert and thanks for this post. I'm having a really bad sore throat right now and wondering what to make to cool down the system. Totally didn't think of this at all. We can get some shelled gingko nuts here at some supermarkets (vacum packed) but I guess you're right ... the ones in the shells keep better.

  3. hi elin, this is a very special barley preparation, must be cooling too.. i like the ginko nuts
    first time here, glad i visited, do visit mine too, would love to read a comment from you :) have a wonderful day.

  4. Elin, this is my favorite "tong sui". This reminds me to make it again. I am also very lazy to crack the gingko nut so I will buy the vacuum packed peeled one. I know they are not so tasty as freshly cracked ones but what to do, I so lazy hehe..

  5. I love this ginko nut "tong sui". So good for hot weather.

  6. This kind of barley drinks is very popular at the North but not here. And the beancurd sheet back there is softer and can be boiled till everything melted which we can't get them here.

  7. raelly not looking forward to peeling the gingko skins...:(