Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hearts & Seashells Shape Mango Konnyaku Jelly

These konnyaku jellies are fun to make and I love them in different shape and sizes. They looked so cute and they come in many flavors and it would be nice to add fresh fruits to it for it will make the jellies taste better . Something to chew on besides the jellies :)    My church members love the mango flavored ones and they will request for more fresh mangoes bits in it :)  I made these for the sunday school kids and one thing I noticed, the little girls will go for the heart shape ones and the guys will go for the sea shells one...they are as cute as the jellies here :) and that makes me happy seeing their little hands grabbing the slippery jellies in their hands...gazed at the jelly for a second before they chuck it into the mouth and you can see them chewing the jellies and here I am a nervous worried that they might get choked !  I have warned them not to put the whole slippery jelly in the mouth , for they may get choke on it and die...hahaha , sometimes they act faster than me and before I can finish my sentence, plop in went the jelly !   Sunday school can be fun but at times can be frightening especially dealing with hyperactive kids. 

These cute mold was a gift from Gertrude...thank you so much Gert for giving me such a great gift and I have been using it very often now that I am helping out in the sunday school . A beautiful mold of seashells !  I am a child too at to gaze at the cute seashells shaped jelly :))

They are so beautiful....hearts and seashells jelly to cheer the little ones...........

Have a great day gazing at these cuties !

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