Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll

Pumpkin is my favorite veg and of late ,I see so many food bloggers posting up pumpkin recipes on their blog and I too am influenced by their pumpkin cake and rolls :) I saw this mouth-watering pumpkin cinnamon rolls on Roxana's blog - A Little Bit Of Everything and I have bookmarked it for future bakes but I can't wait till then so I decided to bake them  yesterday ( public holiday over here ) and seriously , no regret, it was simply marvelous...every bite was full of pumpkin goodness :) in the rolls and the filling !

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Dragon Fruit Honey Lemon Ice Popsicle

Popsicle craze is still on for is scorching hot .......only ice cream and popsicle will help to quench the thirst in me . Fruity popsicle would be the best solution.  I have a few dragon fruit in the fridge and decided to make dragon fruit popsicle with lemon juice and honey added to it....something fruity and tangy....slurrp soothing for the soul in such a  hot day !  Healthy treat :)   I will making more of fruity flavor popsicle from now on :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Peek At Elin's Birthday Cake :)

To cut the story short, I celebrated my birthday a few days past the actual day...reason being Wild Boar was sick and the Piggies only managed to make a trip back from their hectic school life from the city.  My buddy Claire celebrated my birthday a day before the actual day..LOL! She took me to St.Mikes for lunch !  Before and after the actual day...the celebration goes on. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Piggy Cuz, Claire and dearest Wild Boar and of course my darling Piggies for the birthday gifts and to all my readers and friends who leaves birthday wishes to me on my facebook.... a big thank you for all the birthday wishes. I love them all :)  I am blessed and I am forever ' 25 ' hahaha  see even my birthday cake has my favorite animals singing the birthday song to me :p  they are cute aren't they...a gift from Piggy Jo....she knows I love these animal picks !  I DO ! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kiwi Yoghurt Smoothie Popsicle

Lately I have been seeing a lot of fruity popsicle posts online and I am influenced by their slurpy slurpy look and I can imagine how healthy and good they will taste. Fresh fruits of any kind would be perfect for popsicle :p  Well...I thought as I grow old gracefully, I would not want  popsicles anymore but that is so untrue. I crave for them everyday infact LOL!  So I decided to try making my own fruit popsicles ....I have some kiwi fruits in the fridge and I took out 3 kiwis to make some kiwi yoghurt smoothie popsicles........

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Light Meal Breads - Bacon, Tomato & Cheese Bread

I  made this light meal bread once and since then it became a regular munchies for us.  We can munch on this the whole day through . When I first saw this recipe on Pook's blog - Dailydelicious , I knew this light meal bread would be a keeper for sure and I have been making this for the family whenever there is a long break for us so that we can munch these little bread while watching movies together.  I love the soft texture of the bread and the fillings is simply wonderful. The original recipe calls for sausages but I switched it for bacon. I love the fragrant of pan fried bacon to sausages :p   Who doesn't love bacon ? 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Japanese Pumpkin Cake

The moment I saw this Pumpkin Cake on Min's blog , I knew I was struck with the cupid arrow  and the  ' I want and I must have ' syndrome took over... LOL!  my eyes must never feast on anything nice or I won't be able to sleep until I have it baked and feasted to satisfy the sinful craving in me ! Pumpkins are a plenty in autumn and many of my foodie friends are baking cakes and muffins and pie using pumpkins. I love pumpkin  and my Jo loves it too. She stir fry them with curry powder and shrimps. Simple , yet delicious ! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sweet Potato 'Tong Sui ' / Sweet Soup

Don't we love to have a cup of ' tong sui ' / sweet soup after dinner or have a bowl of sweet dessert of green beans , red beans or even  sweet potato sweet soup ? Well, I do love to have a cup of sweet potato ' tong sui '/ sweet soup after dinner.  This sweet soup is easy to prepare and it takes all in all about 40 mins to get it ready for serving.  It is versatile, you can add in some sago and palm sugar to the soup but I prefer mine plain with a few red dates , ginger and screwpine leaves.  Love the fragrant of the ginger , screwpine and red dates in this sweet potato soup. Something simple like this can make me happy :) are right..I love to eat and eat :p

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Red Dragon Fruit Chiffon Cake

This is my 2nd attempt at making chiffon cake and the sad thing is I am still not good at it :p  Chiffon cake are nice to eat and light and easy for the stomach. I would love to make this for the sunday school kids for I know they will surely love it. Love the not oily yet light , moist and spongy texture of the cake. I wish I could bake like some of my blogger friends who can bake very beautiful chiffon cakes like a pro. Ahhhh.....I guess I need to practice more on making chiffon cake.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wheatgerm Pancake With Passion Fruit Ice Cream

I have a bottle of wheatgerm which has a few months before expiry, so I decided to whip up a pancake batter with a few tablespoons of wheatgerm .  I made this for our tea snack .  It was a  lovely wheatgerm enriched pancake with homemade passion fruit ice cream.  Passion fruits are in season now.  So it is time to make ice cream with it.  I love my pancake with a big scoop of homemade ice cream.  A treat for Wild boar and myself . It is truly  ice cream bonanza for us this October month !  Don't we love ice cream under such hot weather. And the weather is very hot the last one month and the ice cream melts faster than I can savor them , so I am only allowed a  quick camwhoring of this sweet indulgence ! Wild Boar hates it if his ice cream is melting away before he can take a bite of it, so I have to be quick with the camera. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vanilla Raspberry Ice Cream With Banana Chips Topping

I love my ice cream with some some fresh fruits and nuts on it . But for this once, I added some crushed banana chips on to the ice cream as topping and throw in some chunks of watermelon to it .  This was really refreshing and it really cheers me up having this for dessert  especially when the weather is so hot over here.  Ice cream is a must have for us for we are great snackers ! :p  Snacking on ice cream is bad but we can't help is better than snacking on fries :p but both are just as bad !!! Anyway I always remember this quote... " Seize the moment . Remember all those Titanic women who waved away the dessert cart "  This is my favorite quote by Erma Bombeck. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mango Cake French Style

After trying out the French Plum Cake, everyone enjoyed the cake so much that I want to make the cake again but this time , I used mango. Mango is in season now and there were plenty of them in the market. I love the cake texture of this special French Plum has a meringue layer in the center of the cake and as I have said before the making process is different from the other cake recipe.  And it was a brilliant idea to use mango in place of plum.  It was so flavorful and the aroma of ripe mango wafting out from the oven filled the air. Love this and a keeper for sure :)  Best cake to take for pot bless party. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Egg Drop Palm Sugar Jelly

This is Wild Boar's favorite jelly - Egg Drop Palm Sugar Jelly . This jelly is fragrant because of the palm sugar and the subtle eggy fragrant makes it more interesting. The egg drop give the jelly a marble look :) Great dessert to serve when you have friends over for dinner :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

French Plum Cake/ Pastel Francés de Ciruela

I saw this scrumptious cake on Foodgawker and I knew I had to  make it for my Sunday school  kids. Kids love cakes with fresh fruits in them and they seldom get to eat this kind of cake for not every mom loves to bake. And what more this kind of cake are not sold in bakeries !  I was first attracted by the photo on Food Gawker, then after I read through the recipe, I found the method was a bit different from the usual cake making. It turned out moist and really delicious. Love it very much and I shall be making this again for my next pot bless :)  And I am sure you too will fall in love with this scrumptious French plum cake. I guess another name for it in Spanish is Pastel Francés de Ciruela  :p