Sunday, October 9, 2011

Egg Drop Palm Sugar Jelly

This is Wild Boar's favorite jelly - Egg Drop Palm Sugar Jelly . This jelly is fragrant because of the palm sugar and the subtle eggy fragrant makes it more interesting. The egg drop give the jelly a marble look :) Great dessert to serve when you have friends over for dinner :)

Love the crisp springy texture and the beautiful design of the the egg drop ... so magical :)  I make this jelly quite often for the sunday school kids .  I am not too sure they like this preparation for there are many pieces still left behind unlike the konnyaku jelly, all  vanished in a short while :p Maybe this is more for the adults than kids. But I know the adults love this...the sunday school teachers and the adults attending the bible classes :)

This jelly is easy to make and  I added a few pieces of rock sugar for a more springy texture. This jelly is more healthier than those with coconut milk :) though those with coconut milk will taste good too.

Egg Drop Palm Sugar Jelly


38gm of agar agar strands
1 piece of palm sugar ( 160 gm ) + a few pieces of rock sugar - depends on how sweet you want
3 screwpines leaves - knotted
2500 ml water
2 eggs- beaten


Soak the agar agar strands in water for 1/2 hour.
Boil 2500 ml water over high heat.
When it boils, add in the  soften agar agar strands and screwpine leaves and the palm sugar and rock sugar , lower heat.
When the sugar and the agar agar has dissolved totally , pour the mixture through a sieve into another pot.
Boil for another 5 mins on high heat.
Off the heat and remove the pot from the stove.
Gently pour the beaten eggs into the jelly mixture in a slow thin stream,  stirring constantly .
Pour the jelly and egg drop mixture into jelly mold.
Once it cools down , refrigerate them till they set firmly.

Have a jelly nice day :))

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  1. Elin, next time I must try your recipe as I've never made with palm sugar before. Looks so pretty :)

  2. Oo ya hor...I rememeber that we made that in school last time

  3. That's pretty cool....I've never had anything like this before.

  4. I have never made an egg drop jelly before! Interesting!

  5. Anncoo..if you get the real palm sugar, this is lovely recipe for jelly with the egg drop..yummy for sure :)

    Kathy...I am sure you will want to make again for Joshua and hubby :) surely it brought back memories for you. is delish and if you can get the palm sugar from the asian grocer, give this a try :)

    Kitchen flavours....oh is it...then you must try this out then :)