Monday, October 10, 2011

Mango Cake French Style

After trying out the French Plum Cake, everyone enjoyed the cake so much that I want to make the cake again but this time , I used mango. Mango is in season now and there were plenty of them in the market. I love the cake texture of this special French Plum has a meringue layer in the center of the cake and as I have said before the making process is different from the other cake recipe.  And it was a brilliant idea to use mango in place of plum.  It was so flavorful and the aroma of ripe mango wafting out from the oven filled the air. Love this and a keeper for sure :)  Best cake to take for pot bless party. 

I love my silicone loaf pans. I ordered them online when Jo was in UK . Came in a set of four. I thought they will look good in these loaf pan and indeed they look gorgeous in those pan :) full of mango cubes. Every bite is  gooey mango-ey  ( is there such a word ) if there is none, let me show you how mouthwatering gooey mango-ey there are as you scroll down the page.  Serve them with mango ice cream, you will forget about calories and exercise . I bet you will indulge first and satiate your craving before worrying about your weight :)  I was the one who forgot how to count calories when indulging in this cake with ice cream :P  My weight has increased so much that the doctor will surely put me on pills if I am not careful.  Food porno is just as bad !!!!  LOL!  Bad for the eyes and bad for the stomach :p

Recipe is the same as the French Plum Cake

Have a wonderful day !

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  1. i have never baked a cake with mango yet, yours look so good, i must try one day.

  2. Looks as goid as the plum ones! Lovely!

  3. Elin, very tempting la! You put so much mangoes into the cake, hope I can try this...need to go and get some mangoes first :)

  4. I really very keen to try out the french plum cake and this french mango cake. Looks so delicious and tempting!Thanks for sharing with us the recipes^^

  5. Very creative and thumbs up for mangoes into cakes.